Online shopping - Tesco practises in the dark carts

Bitterwallet - Tesco delivers in the shadows - dark stores ahowWe've discussed the point before - that shoppers in the likes of Tesco are becoming increasingly inconvenient obstacles to the grocery-loaded crates of the staff fulfilling online orders. In fact we've even mentioned in the past that perhaps the day will come when the only customers at supermarkets are staff making up orders for home delivery. Our readership calls us by many names, but now you can add clairvoyant to that list because the day of "dark stores" has arrived.

Tesco has begun opening a series of these stores which customers will never set foot in. They'll be laid out in a similar way to a normal supermarket but without checkouts and mislabeled point-of-sale material, and only the staff will walk the aisles - as if working in a supermarket couldn't be more depressing, now they'll be hermetically sealed in an anonymous box. It'll be just like in Moon, at least until Tesco gets to grips with cloning.

The first two stores have been opened in Croydon and Aylesford and a third is due to open next year in Greenford. According to The Telegraph, Tesco currently gets 475,000 orders online per week and 3.4 million visitors to their website. How many Bitterwallet readers can be counted amongst that statistic? Several of you have complained that while online grocery shopping can be more convenient, if there's a rotting bag of salad to be palmed off or a pack of chicken wings that are best before the day they're delivered, they'll end up on your doorstep. If you don't buy the big shop online, why not?

[Telegraph] photo by Bitterwallet reader Joff


  • issac h.
    Tesco like to reel you in with their online prices then, BAM. Everything has shot up in price by delivery day.
  • Gunn
    That to me is the barrier to online shopping, the good chance you get the bashed up fruit and veg and the soon to go out of date food. I've only used so far for ordering drink.
  • maxtweenie
    The secret is to ring their freefone number every time and complain if even one apple is mouldy. They will always refund. The only gripe I have is that they keep blocking their online codes so I have to either create a new account every few weeks or actually pay for delivery. Bastards.
  • JJ
    Old people and the unemployed should be banned from tescos during the evenings and weekends. Why cant they go during the day, are they scared of missing Jeremy Kyle ? They are more of a hassle than the spotty and overweight worker waddling around with a basket.
  • Nobby
    I rarely find prices go up fromthose online (check offers are still valid on your delivery date), and hardly ever get damaged food. If I do, I ring and complain, and get a refund.
  • Brian's U.
    I don't buy food stuff online because I like to squeeze my melons before paying for them
  • WaWaWa
    They need to NOT have those idiots doing home delivery shopping during the day. That would be a good start.
  • xman
    Don't forget the grossly obese people dripping off the edges of those electric shopping carts. And the drunks. Oh, hang on - that's ASDA!
  • vulnerable w.
    Tesco "Very Little Help" are constantly blocking my local footpath with their pallets (see photo). They are such poor neighbours!
  • Joff
    Btw, I think that's a Waitrose trolley in the pic... just saying :)
  • Ten B.
    [...] Tesco and their ‘ghost stores’ that are for online customers only [...]
  • Kevin
    This is basically what Ocado has had for ages, does make sense, and also you'd hope that the stock isn't as pawed and prodded as much as the normal shops. I think if Tesco et al dropped their delivery charges and expanded the slots available in evening hours the usage would skyrocket.
  • Ashley
    Have you ever worked in retail? A place with no customers sounds like the best place to work.
  • tits
    the tesco store in aylesford is near me. the only risk is the tesco van drivers on the roads round here, who seem to drive like morons rushing around all the time. do they not realise they have tescos plastered all over the van? idiots.
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