Offers from Marks & Spencer that'll put your eye out

Avid Bitterwallet reader Martin was taken aback by the new direction in Marks & Spencer's advertising; he received an email detailing the latest deals and offers, which he duly scrolled down. Schoolwear, Father's Day gifts, half-price strawberries - all what you might expect from M&S.

But stop scrolling at the wrong moment, and you see a promotion for:

Bitterwallet - Marks & Spencer perfect tits
It actually reads 'Perfect fits', but thanks to the placement of the wording, the curious choice of words and a font in which the 'f' is the tallest character in the set - it smells a little of a fnarring designer waiting for their moment in the Sun.


  • Nobby
  • bowmore
    I saw that sign in store and read it as tits, had to do a double take to see the f. Definitely some designer somewhere.
  • Randy B.
    My eyes popped out when i walked past comet and saw an advert saying hobs on sale
  • NellieIrrelevant
    That's not accidental, and it's not even pretending to be accidental. Just look at the wording - Perfect Fits? No-one every says that. And it's over a magnificent pair of knockers. It's clearly just another part of M&S 'raunch' advertising, the occasional quickie they like to slip in (ooer) among the more 'respectable' material. Viz that shot six months ago of a curvy model in green lingerie, where I don't think her face was even included... if it was, I didn't notice it. Put it this way, they haven't asked Twiggy to model the bra, have they?
  • BINU
    THEY ARE NOT PERFECT (Fits or tits or whatever )... ONE IS UP other is down ................................................................or my chair is not balanced.
  • Dirty F.
    Paul Smith, are you stupid or what?
  • The B.
    Perfect fits = epileptics under strobe lights.
  • Alexis
    I think you're reading too much into this! Their corporate font is Helvetica Thin. Instructions just come in to use 'perfect fits' as the headline, so the designer just sets it up in the corporate style. There's nothing sinister about it! Nice pic though.
  • speedski
    the golden rule of advertising is to get people talking - well they've done it again, so accident, mistake or intentional M&S don't really care now that you're all talking about it...
  • 3dtv
    They ARE pretty nice tits however.
  • Brian
    Hi, my name is Brian. I like tits, especially lactating ones.
  • He e.
    You said fnar. fNAR! fNAR!
  • Brain

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