Now Comet try the scrappage tactic to bring in the punters


“Any old iron? Any old iron?” That’s the cry that’s emanating from more and more British retailers as scrappage fever takes hold.

Last month, Sony employed old relic Alice Cooper in an attempt to persuade punters to hand over their old tellies in order to get some discount off a new one. And the UK car industry has been single-handedly saved since the scrappage cashback scheme was introduced*

Now it’s the turn of Comet – they’re teaming up with Bosch, Siemens and Neff and offering a 20% discount for in-tradage of an old washing machine, dishwasher, refrigerator or cooker – of any age and any brand.

Right, we’re off to the local scrap yard to pick up a knackered old fridge before hauling it into Currys Comet. Once there, we’ll get the 20% off a new fridge, sell it on eBay, repeat the whole thing a hundred times and retire to Barbados.



  • Rubisco
    What good would hauling it into Currys do? Are they matching Comet's offer?
  • Andy D.
  • Tom P.
    Posted by Andy Dawson "Right, we’re off to the local scrap yard to pick up a knackered old fridge before hauling it into Currys" Rubisco, you have a forensic reading skill.
  • J-Roc
    And why the asterix*? * Actually, I don't give a shit.
  • Song B.
    thought it was an Obelix myself
  • Ty
    You dirty....dirty old man
  • cookie
    "Bollock!" Just the one?
  • Justin M.
    It's always referred to as the one if it's been dropped!
  • maxtweenie
    Asterix? That must be very 'gaul'-ing. I thought it was an asterisk.
  • Lumoruk
    * unfortunately it didn't save Vauxhall
  • RobC
    ..nor Rover , no sorry that was different , you gave them money and they gave you a brand new piece of scrap
  • abc
    Great deal, brings the price down of the appliance to what it retails for on the web. So I could buy the product on the web for the same price if not cheaper, keep my old appliance, sell that on ebay and technically make a larger saving. Great deal!
  • Dai G.
    Or ABC you could by a new applicance from the web, realise that nobody wants your old appliance as its not worth anything and only local people would be able to pick up and have to get the council etc to take it away rather than just getting comet to do it all for you ?
  • abc
    or if you have decent appliance in good condition like a bosch sell it like I said before. not everyone has money to buy new white goods let alone a bosch.

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