Now Amazon wants to be a supermarket

0914_amazonfresh_630x420 World domination in books, entertainment and electrical equipment just isn't enough for Amazon- now they want to deliver your eggs.

Amazon have been trailing an online food delivery service in Seattle since 2008, but now they're looking to bring it to LA, causing supermarkets to spontaneously crap themselves. If it goes big there, it'll make it anywhere, and Amazon will expand the service to 20 US cities.

Called Amazon Fresh, the service uses local suppliers to deliver fresh produce like fruit, dairy and meat. If they bring it to the UK, though, they'll probably have to reduce the delivery charge, which is currently $10 (£6.50). They'll also have to compete with the mighty Tesco and Ocado- who always deliver the wrong thing a bit smashed, while complaining about the stairs- just the way we like it.

So will Amazon the supermarket catch on in the UK? It's too early to tell, but it's more than likely that the online behemoth will be making a play for our shopping baskets before you can say 'sausages.' And it'll need to be a damn sight better than its current, crappy 'Grocery' section.


  • Ms G.
    They've been trailing it have they? Did they do any trials as well?
  • badger
    Strangely Amazon haven't tried competing in an area served by peapod, which is pretty good. I can't see them coming here - there's too much good competition already.
  • whatever
    So will Amazon the supermarket catch on in the UK? It’s too early to tell. Huh? How can it catch on if they're not doing it here?
  • Han S.
    So it's taken them FIVE years to trial it in one City, now they're going to trial it in two cities and have absoloutly no plans whatsoever to bring it to the UK at present. Don't think Tesco will be shitting themselves anytime soon. Finger on the pulse there Andy, well done.
  • _me_
    Yodel delivering my shopping? 'kin hell. I thought Tesco deliveries pissed me off....
  • D D.
    Jeeesh this has to be the dullest website
  • wOnKeY h.
    ^ | | Only because they don't let me bum the f0xes anymore.

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