Nominations for Worst Company 2010 end tomorrow!

worst company logoYou're running out of time if you want to get a nomination in for the Bitterwallet Worst Company In Britain 2010 award and give a name to your pain.

Now is your moment to extract your revenge. Name and shame the company that has boiled your proverbial the most over the past twelve months - who knows, perhaps they'll end up being named as the crappiest company in the UK when the voting ends.

Nominations started earlier in the week and go on until midnight tomorrow (that's Friday, fact fans). You can nominate any company that has completely got your goat as long as they operate in the UK (sorry, haters of Finland’s wretched Gik chain of oily carpet stores).

Put your nominations and your reason for naming and shaming them in the box below or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you hate the most over there as well with an @ reply.



  • dearieme
    Tesco for me-have really gone downhill this year-constant cancelling of website orders,deliberate mispricing on dvds/blurays to draw people to their site. Numerous extra clubcard points offers where the points never materialise,especially on their mobile phone deals and financial products. Their customer service,once excellent has become a joke!
  • Marvin
    2nd = BT - Took them 6 weeks to put in a business line that they guaranteed in 2. Took a month to get a call divert put on. They succeeded in selling me a mobile phone pack but I never got it (6 months ago!) I spent at least 6 hours on the phone to them to various departments about the same thing. No one has ever come close for poor customer service. 1st = Vodafone, from they're annoying robot customer services that reads back the wrong card numbers to you even though if you go ahead the correct ones work. I've spent a year trying to get my online account activated. They're hidden costs are squeezed in on a regular basis. And most of all the £6bn tax dodge that would cover all the redundancies in public services that now goes to service their shareholders - I'll never use them again and nor should anyone with a conscience.
  • Meow "We regret that the item ordered was out of stock or damaged when we came to pick your order." Worst DVD retailer category.
  • Jocky W.
    Mr Patel’s. £9 for a four pack of Tennetts Super. Cunt.
  • AJ
    It's got to be TalkTalk! April 2010 I signed up for a broadband/phone contract with these shiseters, and cancelled it within THEIR 30 day trial period, they didn't cancel it. Countless phone calls and 7 letters later I'm no further forward, needless to say I haven't paid them a penny and don't intend to! UTTER BASTARDS!
  • AJ
    It's got to be TalkTalk! April 2010 I signed up for a broadband/phone contract with these shiseters, and cancelled it within THEIR 30 day trial period, they didn't cancel it. Countless phone calls and 7 letters later I'm no further forward, needless to say I haven't paid them a penny and don't intend to! UTTER WANKERS!
  • Vodafone
    Another one for Vodafone. Tax dodging. Also Fitness First for their stunt reported yesterday.
  • Nobby
    @AJ. Make your mind up - are they BASTARDS or WANKERS?
  • AndyWicks
    Has to be Vodafone for the shambles of the Mobile Internet changes. No-one in the organisation knew what was going on, one person would confirm something only to have it completely denied by someone else - the whole saga took over 6 months! To make it worse, after leaving Vodafone they would send me an email saying that my new bill was available online.... Vodafone disable access to your online account when you leave. Smart one guys!
  • akiss
    kfc, greggs, burger king & krispy kreme. cause the fuckers wont build any shops around here. barstewards!
  • Fleece-a-rama
    Ryanair first:utility npower Pizza Hut Talk Talk First Group ASDA *All* the thieving oil companies/petrol stations who crank up the price of petrol/diesel/heating oil when the first flake of snow Scotland.
  • oz
    All of the banks we should have a special award just for these bar stewards that are still coining it in on the back of taxpayer bailouts. Which other business out there can operate on these rules of we have a good year we coin it in, we have such a catastrophic year we have technically gone tits up to the tune of trillions, oh well we'll just get bailed out, and still coin it in in bonuses etc. Why not have an on line, shoot the greedy duckers in a row, game.
  • Carey H.
    Oxfam, for trying to stop this global warming thing. Haven't they noticed how freezing it is out there? Bloody do-gooders.
  • Mr. P.
    @ Jocky Wilson Who are you calling a cunt, you fat wino?
  • TechnicPuppet
    Has to be Sky for me. They have ruined football in the UK especially in Scotland. The only people benefiting from the billions they put into the Premiership are players, agents and them, not clubs, fans or the national team. Remember it's not their money either, its subscribers money. That and their anti competitive, monopolistic ways make them as stick on for me.
  • Mr G.
    My nominations Overclockers UK - rip-off, trying to pass off second-hand components as new Tesco - for being evil cunts who want to destroy UK farming Lloyds TSB - for being totally shit in every way Any other bank bailed out by us and paying bonuses to their feckless directors Royal Mail - for charging me £8 extra just because Customs had put £3 vat on an imported order HMRC (OK, not a company but still bastards) - for charging VAT on an imported order which only exceeds the VAT threshold if you use an exchange rate of $1.39 to the £. When was the exchange last that bad?!
  • Jocky W.
    @ Mr. Patel - you, sir, are the cunt. £9 for 4 cans of Tennetts Super. How's a man supposed to get his daily beer? I'm not walking the extra 200 yards to tesco. That's about 150 oche walks there and back.
  • Rik A.
    Every courier company ever, especially DHL and HDNL (now Yodel) - for always failing to deliver packages on time (or at all, or in a not-broken state), which is astonishing considering that is their only revenue stream.
  • Christy
    Medion Electronics, Shoddy goods, shitty customer service, and a warehouse in Swindon which is a black hole.
  • Robbie
    TopCashBack, for suspending accounts without notification or justification.
  • Brad
    DHL from yesterday. My sisters in, DHL moron turns up, (her words not mine) with a parcel for addressed to Brad. DHL - The box is open and the box inside has come out , you still want to sign for it? Sister - Yeah ok, just in case, we can always send it back if it is damaged. DHL - Ok then DHL - Take both boxes out of van and then places them back together, In full view of sister DHL - Sign here please DHL - Guess thats my Christmas present this year then? DHL - Oh right yeah I guess it is.... You know being December and all that a little thinking may have gone into it, guess not.
  • Richard F.
    Parcel force for being the only mail company to always screw up deliveries to me. Yellow Moon for being a mile away from my house in London but insisting on sending my package to Parcelforces depot all the way up in Birmingham where it gets delayed and then not allowing me to pick up a replacement package by hand or deliver it with local courier thus missing my childs birthday.
  • Snowball
    O2 - I went without the ability to reliably send text messages for 13 months. Read in italics: 13 months. I spoke to their customer service team dozens of times, and was given bogus advice, fob-offs, and three counts of "There's nothing we can do". Utterly useless company. Quidco - Their handling of that affiliate that went bust was shameful. TopCashBack paid out. Quidco said "Hey, look at the T&Cs, you can't sue us!", and dismissed the matter. I don't think doing people out of what was in some cases hundreds of pounds is anything a company should be proud about. Tesco - For their continued drive against customer service, exemplified most neatly by their policy on self-service tills. Self Service is now mandatory in some shops, and I think it really says remarkable things about the company when they're so abhorred by the concept of serving customers that they'd sooner make customers scan their own shit through and take the hit in thefts than hire an extra staffer to do the job.
  • Porthos
    I hope someone said Sainsbury's Entertainment? Total Gash.

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