Nominate the BEST Company in Britain for 2011 please.

best-company-2011-medal As you may know, you lot recently voted TalkTalk as the Worst Company In Britain for 2011, in a nail-biting vote that went ‘right to the wire’ as they say in the sporting arenas across the globe.

But we’re not all about the hating here at Bitterwallet and we want to see the best companies acknowledged as well, so we’re ready to invite your nominations for an altogether nicer poll – the Best Company In Britain 2011.

As with its nastier equivalent, you can nominate any company as long as they operate in the UK. Put your nominations and your reason for praising and saluting them in the box below, or if you’re following us on Twitter, you can tell us which company you love the most over there as well with an @ reply.

Nominations close AT MIDNIGHT TONIGHT and we’ll run a vote at the beginning of next week. GO!


  • Alexis V.
    I'd nominate BE. Answer the phone straight away, send out routers in double-quick time and lots of friendly Bulgarians on hand to answer your questions. They even post their names and biogs on their website. Like a smaller, nicer, more efficient version of O2.
  • KewlD00d
  • KewlD00d
    Amazon. They may be taking over but their prices and customer service are brilliant.
  • Phil
    Best buy UK? At least they realised they need to give up quickly as they weren't going to succeed?
  • Rob
    Admiral car insurance were excellent when an 18 year old lad skidded into my car whilst it was safely parked on my own driveway. They were his insurers but didn't quibble, didn't get me to fill out loads of forms, they quickly delivered me a decent hire car, and got the garage to pick my car up from me for fixing. No hassle with them at all. I am thinking of using them for my insurance in future (as long as the premiums aren't crazy).
  • klingelton
    Enterprise rent-a-car. Very efficient, excellent customer service. picked us up from the garage we were at and brought us to base. then when we needed to drop the car back off, they took us back to the garage to pick up our own. Their staff were courteous and polite (in the leeds office) and the car we hired was clean throughout. Not only that, but we handed the car back and they filled it up for LESS than what it would cost us at the pump! Virgin Media. Yet another year of flawless provisioning of internets, telephone and TV. Earlier in the year our telephone stopped working. an engineer was sent out whom when he got close, gave me a call on my phone so i could go let him in. I went home, he did his job, was polite and efficient. phone now works with no issues. Plus that, it's relatively cheap for what you get when you compare it with other providers. I would have voted for Amazon, but having a delivery from them come by Yodel this year, i can honestly say it really dented my opinion of them. Sorry Amazon - no vote from me until you drop Yodel as a carrier.
  • The B.
    Yeah, Amazon, sod it.
  • Matt
    A strange one that i guess no one will agree with but its Yodel for me! The guy who delivers in my area leaves his mobile number and then comes back in the evening or on Saturday when i'm in to deliver my parcel. I've never got that kind of service from any other delivery company. I'm sure they won't win though!
  • klingelton
    @Matt - you're right, few will agree. Although this is an example of a diamond in the turd!
  • M4RKM
    Amazon just because I've had no problems ever with them. Sky because I signed up for their internet, they failed to deliver a router, when they did it was a bit shit, and the speed was less than I got before, and they let me leave without any fees, or arguing, or tying me into my 12 month contract. M
  • redflame
    Amazon for me,couple of weeks ago my sony tv packed up after 15 months use,the tv came only with a 12 month warranty so rung up amazon customer services and about to go through "the sales of goods act" and "fit for purpose" route when the lovely lady said she will ring Sony,20 minutes later she rung me back with a £650 credit note credited to my account,but as what The post above said amazon have started using Yodel as there carrier for larger items which frankly is one shit company.
  • DragonChris
    Snapfish, for great customer service - ordered a mug using the voucher on HUKD, on first use the mug cracked inside and out - they sent a new one out as soon as I reported it and had it within a few days and it didn't crack this time :) Friendly and efficient customer service through their online chat - thumbs up from me. Amazon - Because they are the epic pwnz0rs of the interwebs - Best prices, best customer service, speedy (enough) free delivery.
  • Letch
    My local tittie bar. They do great private dances and always leave me with a smile on my face. They also did an inspired tie-in with money off deals at the local dry cleaners to get my spunk-ridden suits cleansed.
  • Steveymp
    Boring one, but Amazon for me also, yet again this company did the whole Santa Claus thing for me at the best prices with fast FREE delivery to my workplace, never had to use their customer service as everything has always been perfect from them, but others say it is great. I know they are becoming a monopoly for everything and shall soon rule the world, but I will quiet happily bow down to them when the time comes :)
  • Me
    Amazon - Faultless service and prices and don't appear to let their success go to their head as they consistently try and improve in terms of service, prices and offers. Virgin Media - Recently moved house, was allocated a named engineer who coordinated the move for us and in my opinion went above and beyond to come out on the Saturday evening before Christmas to complete the final hook up for us. Plus the faultless broadband and TV service.
  • Dick
    Past Times and Hawkin's Bazaar. For helping to clean up the high street by going bust.
  • John
    Amazon - Simply faultless, although I agree with the poster above about the card from Yodel, I can't stand Yodel and they left a card to saythey had put my package in my wheelie bin, just a good job it wasn't bin collection day. It does seem to have been a one off though and i've not had a card from Yodel since, Royal Mail all the way since which is no problem for me as I live near the depot. Also, Sky - I know not many will agree but i've never had a problem yet with them, great service and the price is right. My TV, Broadband, phone and line rental are all with them and not had a problem at all.
  • Dave M.
    Amazon are an obvious one but they truly can't be faulted. They've replaced two damaged kindles free of charge for my wife. Garmin are another who have replaced a dropped item that cracked with no hassle. Finally Sixt, I've used them for a car and a van in this country which excellent service and then in Spain a few months ago I had a free upgrade to a car who's daily cost was nearly 10x that of the car I paid for. As with any company you find out how good they are when you have a problem and they resolve it.
  • Music S.
    Be are great, I never realised how good they were until I left. I really regret leaving them for plus net fibre broadband. As we now have slower broadband! They took 26 days and 20+ phone calls to get it working, and our bills have gone up. Amazon are good. Although for books The Bookpeople are second to none. Phoned them about a book that arrived with a damaged cover due to the lovely people at Yodel. They sent us out a new one for free and told us to donate the damaged book to a charity shop or just keep it for myself as the undamaged book was a present.
  • Troll
    Yodel *sniggers and runs away*
  • Cheesey
    Best company is always going to be Lakeland. Run by people and staff who actually give a shit. Even if you are the only person queuing they will call a member of staff to serve you. Companies think that queuing is acceptable. But when you have a load of people waiting to throw money at you, the best thing you can do is to grab their dollars asap, before they Foxtrot Oscar off to the competition.
  • Steve
    Can we have categories (and shameless plus)? Sky for their TV & broadband. Giffgaff for their mobile network. Wiltshire Farm Foods for delivering easy to make and tasty grub to my aged parents. Amazon for everything else.
  • Steve
    ^^^ Bugger. Ignore the "(and shameless plus)" bit :-/
  • Steve
    Please ignore the (shameless plus) bit.
  • Sawyer
    Lush. Bit of a girly shop I know, but their staff are excellent and not even slightly patronising when I inevitably have to ask "what is this bright green product? how does one apply this? would you like this if you were my girlfriend?" Totally makes up for the overwhelming smell, and it's one of the few shops where I enjoy interacting with the staff. It's not just one store either, they all seem to be like this. Amazon continue to be faultless. And an honourable mention for Hermes who are the only delivery company to correctly find my house on every occasion, versus the <25% success rate of Royal Mail and the 0% success rate of Yodel.
  • Frank P.
    Barry's Bike Shop, they fixed my bike stand within 2 hrs.
  • Sadsak
    Amazon, reason as above
  • bonnie
    i think its actually hilarious that people are voting companies that are satisfying the minimum they should be doing i.e honouring contracts by actually providing the promised services or replacing faulty goods . . . As they are required by law. Is this what it has come to? That companies actually fulfilling the services or goods they offer are rare gems now? Shouldn't the nominations be for inspiring services, out of the norm services, excellent customer services or brilliant pricing etc
  • klingelton
    Yeah, I'd second for hermes - who after failing to drop a parcel in, do something sensible like drop it in with my neighbour or drop it at my local post office and leave me a card telling me exactly where it is (unlike Yodel).
  • dvdj
    First Direct - Easily the best bank imo, and that's a hard thing to find, a good bank.
  • heywood j.
    Amazon replace a kindle that I physically broke on the plane, no quibble, next day I had a new one and the following afternoon a courier collected the broken one at a time of my choice. You can't really beat that. Yates wine bar as well, I've slept with three barmaids from there and it cost me nothing, best service yet.
  • Tiddy
    Amazon never let me down. Garmin for excellent cs & Sainsburys for always being polite & helpful
  • Steve O.
    Amazon are always amazing and painless to deal with. Also Richer Sounds. Had an expensive TV 4 years into 5 year guarantee develop a fault. They picked it up, gave me a temporary replacement (which was admittedly shit), called me after a couple of weeks to say they were awaiting a part to come from Korea, and when after a couple more weeks it hadn't turned up, said they would replace the TV. Been discontinued, though, so they let me 'spend' the same amount again. In 4 years 52-inch LCDs have dropped by a few hundred so I got a bigger, better TV and they even threw in a brand new 5 year guarantee.
  • Steve O.
    Also, yes, First Direct (thanks dvdj). Been with them for about 20 years and never had a problem. Its Offset Mortgage has saved me tens of thousands in the last 8 years.
  • Stu_
    Arrgh. I'm torn. Garmin - replaced my GPS for free even though it was 5 years old. Amazon - nuff said above and also BE who genuinely want to help you if something goes wrong.
  • Steff
    Amazon even if I had delays from Yodel they are great with returns
  • John L.
    John Lewis, for naming their store after me.
  • someone
    Amazon - they recently replaced for FREE an item I accidentally threw away as it was packed in with another item.
  • Sicknote
    Yay - I vote Yodel...... ......sorry about that, the drugs I took at lunchtime have just kicked in.
  • klingelton
    loathe to do it... i retract my initial statement of not voting Amazon this year because they use Yodel. My friend's son jumped on his wife's kindle (oo-er) and broke the screen, like proper cluster fucked it. Amazon replaced with reconditioned unit and the thing turned up 3 days before it was scheduled to. That's service kids! p.s. I can see Amazon walking this.
  • Darren
    Amazon. Simples!
  • james D.
    let's just save everyone some time and declare amazon the winner right now.
  • Dionaeamuscipula
    Another vote for John Lewis. Endless examples of excellent customer service Clark's. Don't bother going anywhere else for kid's shoes.
  • tin
    Another vote for Amazon because they are cheap and do deliver quickly (Yodel notwithstanding) but mainly because they do appear to give a shit and sort things out when things go wrong. However they are going to shortly take over the world and put everyone else out of business, so that's a concern ;-) Also again for John Lewis for just being a generally decent retailer again with staff that give a shit and good customer service when things go wrong. That they're not experiencing such a nightmare time as other high street stores speaks volumes about their attention to detail being important to customers in the long run (eat that shit, Currys) Everyone else is pretty crap. BTW can we invalidate votes from people who just bought stuff and got it?
  • Mr. C.
    Kentucky Fried Chicken, for naming their store after me.
  • Amin
    Amazon.. just wish they would stop using shit courier companies
  • delrio
    for me it would have to be sainsburys, since finding ourselves without a car we've relied on their delivery service. yes we've had issues with things being short dated and stuff, but their customer service is awesome and they really cannot help enough. i must be the only person to have an issue with amazon, my payment details disappeared saying that entry of a new address was a fault - i hadn't entered a new address so i e-mailed customer services to see if there was an issue. first off they gave me someone elses name and postal address, then when i queried the name and address being linked to my account they said it was sent in error, and listed the reasons my info might have gotten screwy. none of them fit so i replied again - at which point they obviously decided the best tactic was to just ignore me and run away... lol bloody idiots. they also reguarly have the wrong info on items.
  • adds
    Scottish power. Outstanding customer service.
  • Luke
    Yodel used to have a similar employee as what @matt said.. She used to just pop round at 9pm etc with a parcel if I wasn't in earlier in the day.. but then the bastards must have sacked her. For that reason, I'm voting in favour of every other courier (Barr Royal Mail)
  • Andrew
    Nominations for: John Lewis First Direct Chase Distillery
  • Qasim
    I nominate Amazon UK. Their customer services have never let me down. They have live chat, a call me back feature and email. They are always willing to help, and their Amazon Prime service is fantastic value for money, delivering next day majority of the time. Their prices are always very competitive, and its a pleasure to sell via Amazon Marketplace.
  • toby
    I would vote for multipul places for so many diffrent reasons but in terms of a company i would pick tk maxx, the sher number of diffrent products you can choose from, there something new everyday, the prices are extremely cheap compared to other shops, when ever i que behind 3 or so people they instantly all jump on a till to serve people unlike other shops where you see people standing round chatting not caring that people are waiting, when i wanted to find some wine glasses i needed 6 and the shop only had 5, so a member of staff whent out of there way to phone the other shops and see if they had any, if that isnt good customer serivce and the basics of a good company what is?
  • Zleet
    Amazon - Any issues are always sorted easily and simply with zero problems. O2 - I use the Myfamily deal (x2) so that ten members of my family can call and text each other for free for £12 a month. That money is deducted from the fifteen I put on for free internet and unlimited texts and I get a percentage back every so often. My landline bill has more than halved since saving me hundreds. Granted I could probably get cheaper with giffgaff but this works for me as some family are on o2 contract phones.
  • Char
  • John I.
    Amazon UK, and everything they run - Amazon itself, Javari, Lovefilm and the Kindle service. All flawless. My only complaints are the terrible "lightning deals" and the region locking of the Amazon App Store to the US only.
  • baa b.
    I would go with H&M but the miserable bitch in the oxford st store last week has scuppered that one! After all the xmas online shopping I'm going to have to go with the masses and say Amazon. Totally faultless. Even 3rd party seller stumped up express delivery for free because I left something too late to get before we went away for xmas.
  • Turkey
    Currys and PC World Megastores, my local is brilliant and the staff are first class. They have really learnt to adapt themselves to the customer. Can't be easy with some real techno geek customers and then the next customer could be a complete novice. Not many will agree I'm sure. But, credit due here.
  • Ravi
  • Euan
    I'm going to be different and suggest a courier - DPD. Since of all the couriers I've had deliver stuff, they're the only one who manage to text you first thing on the morning of delivery giving a one-hour slot that they'll deliver in - and then actually deliver in that one hour. Every time.
  • Bill
    I'm going to nominate Three.
  • Dick
    Go on then, which three are you going to nominate?
  • Helen
    Lovehoney! They have live webchat, really quick delivery and have resent me items when I didn't receive them within 10 days. Got a free vibrator for the missus from that one.
  • Dick
    For the missus? Are you a lesbo?

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