No more sweets at the Tesco counter

Ah, do you remember last week, when you used to be able to pester your mum at the till at Tesco to buy you two Milky Ways and a bag of Haribo Tangfastics?


Well, you'll have to make do with some chewing gum and magazines, because Tesco have decided to remove sweets and sugary treats from the counter at their Tesco Express and Tesco Metro stores.

It follows a poll of Tesco customers which showed that two thirds of them wanted rid of the sugary snacks, and could do without feral kids biting their arms and screaming ‘I WANT RANDOMS!’ while they were putting their items in the bagging area.

Killjoy Tesco boss Phillip Clarke said:

"We all know how easy it is to be tempted by sugary snacks at the checkout, and we want to help our customers lead healthier lives. We've already removed billions of calories from our soft drinks, sandwiches and ready meal ranges by changing the recipes to reduce their sugar, salt and fat content. And we will continue to look for opportunities to take out more."

WHATEVER. You’re just copying Lidl, as usual - who did the same thing in January.


  • Her L.
    And there I was about to protest that Lucy was being banned from the Tesco counter... Isn't this all news from 10-15 years ago? I remember other supermarkets making the bold move by taking confectionery out of the sight of children whose parents are TOO WEAK to just say no. So are we saying that all these years Tesco has been peddling surgery filth to our children? They really are the retail equivalent of Ryanair aren't they. Dirty, nasty Tescoses.
  • Han S.
    Could always just say no
  • pamela s.
    Good thing to remove all sweets from checkout areas,removes temptation not just kids but adults with no willpower like me!!! I would like to see all cages and home shopping trolleys removed from aisles in extra stores,they are obstacles i can do without!! very annoying when trying to shop with limited time and on busy days.Accidents waiting to happen!!!!!!!
  • jo
    They will put them on a display a meter or two AWAY from the counter instead...big whoop
  • Gordon B.
    I think Tesco have had this policy in their larger stores for a year or two. It's only the Metro/Express ones which had sweets at the tills ... until now.
  • David
    I can't see why we can't install turnstiles at the counter and at fast food outlets. If you don't fit through, you can't shop there. Simples.

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