No more Click & Collect at John Lewis under £30

john lewis John Lewis is ending click and collect orders under £30, saying that the service is 'unsustainable'. This will come into play from next month.

Currently, you're allowed to order items from the John Lewis website and have it delivered to their nearest John Lewis or Waitrose store for free.

That's not to say you won't be able to get smaller items through this system; only now, you'll have to pay a £2 charge for these small orders. The retailer says that this should only affect around 20% of the orders they get in, but there's sure to be disappointment from some quarters.

In a speech declaring company's new plans for click and collect, and the desire to “take a leadership position” in the future of the service (whatever the hell that means), John Lewis managing director Andy Street, said the company “is sure customers will understand why we are doing this."

"It’s illogical that this can be produced at no cost."


  • shiftynifity
    Er...Argos seem to do it most other retailers, John Lewis has started to let slip it's halo lately, it's click and collect in some stores is very bad, sometimes a wait of an hour or more, meanwhile associates float around with a look of I'm too important to be asked or waste time on you...
  • Albi
    Last time I used it only one bit of my order was in the box they handed over. So my best man was presented with half his present at my wedding. True story.
  • Jeremy B.
    “It’s illogical that this can be produced at no cost.” said Mr Spock (deceased)...
  • Squeezeoneout
    So presumably John Lewis' delivery lorries (which were going to the store anyway) will now have empty space where they used to be fully laden. Way to go, JL.
  • Old M.
    Do John Lewis stock anything thats under 30 quid?
  • Noddle
    If I was paying by credit card using click and collect and buying something for under £30. I would just add an extra item to calculate more than £30 and just return the extra item when I pick-up. This will just add more work for John Lewis staff.
  • Henry C.
    @ Old MacDonagh: having just been round a John Lewis shop last week, the answer is a categorical "no". shocking how expensive some of the stuff is.

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