No more Big Macs in Iceland

27 October 2009

The news that McDonald's is pulling out of Iceland next week, is a big ol' sign that this credit crunch is not going to vanish in a hurry. Of course, Iceland had it pretty bad, effectively being left bankrupt.

Whilst the headline seems semi-shocking, the reality of it is that the fast-food behemoth only had three outlets out there anyway.

Jon Ogmundsson, managing director of Lyst, holder of the McDonald's franchise in Iceland, said the rising cost of importing ingredients and no sign of an end to the economic slump meant that the business was no longer financially viable.

A Big Mac in Reykjavik sells for 650 krona (£3.22). However, a 20% price hike would be required to make a healthy profit, which would make the Icelandic Big Mac the most expensive in the world at 780 krona (£3.86).

Seeing as Britain is looking like a place that won't be able to haul its sorry arse out of the slump for a while, the thought of McDonald's pulling away from these shores conjures up images not unlike the year everyone went nuts buying petrol. Drive-ins would be flooded with people stocking up on McNuggets and those really long plastic spoons and there would be riots over Happy Meal toys.

Mercifully, we're greedy swines and McDonald's know it.

[The Guardian]


  • NobbyB
    If imports costs are a problem, they should only sell sorbets - fish flavoured sorbets. Mmmmmm.
  • Tom P.
    The Icelandick people don't need McDonald’s, they have the best burgers...cute baby seal.... nom nom nom
  • maxtweenie
    Do you want Puffin with that?
  • bum
    Please just post the links, save yourself a lot of time.
  • Phil M.
    hakarl burgers for the win! *vomits*
  • crofter
    I have never seen Iceland selling Big Macs ... in fact not even Farmfoods sell them.
  • No l.
    Spoilt my dreams:- I was thinking of emigrating to a broken country, where new enterprise could be found. Work, franchise, money etc. etc. (alarm) - shit, quick, (slow down) - breathe, border control..... "Welcome to the UK, HMRC ahead, please be ready to stop if instructed to do so". Fuck it - I'll do without a BigMac, I'm going home.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here.I had a McDonald's happy meal last week.
  • No l.
    @ Brian - was it in Iceland?
  • pauski
    *****BREAKING NEWS***** ****Ryaniar in flight hot menu**** (made up for the interest of having a decent Sky Marshall story) ***Available on flights from Iceland*** **(clause might be cold)** *Cost less than our competitor* JET2.COM response (made up response) ****Our buns are bigger**** (not made up - this is fact) ***Our meat is always warm*** **Might cost a bit more than you would expect** *But they are from a REAL and from Norway* BA (AKA Willie Walsh) ***We have no buns*** **feck all** *but we'll charge the Earth - thinking the that we have to do something for the fat society which we cater for* Ironic really - BA looking after UK and Americans LARD arses?
  • Kevin
    Little inaccurate, it's not MacDonalds leaving Iceland, it's their only francisee deciding they can't afford to keep the business going as is. Not like MacDonalds actually made the decision. Interesting to know how far some of the ingredients have to go though.

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