No money is no obstacle to online spending this Christmas

We might whine about utility bills being higher than Bao Xishun's forehead and a weekly shop that costs a mint but doesn't buy that many meals, but is it going to stop us shagging our own finances at Christmas time? Of course not.

It seems those of use with a panache of online shopping aren't shying away from playing fast and lose with the credit cards this winter. According to research by Deloitte, online Christmas sales are set to increase by 10% this year as more consumers use the internet for their gift and food shopping. Total online spend is estimated to reach £4.7 billion this year, up 10% on 2007.

The research shows that online consumers are planning to spend an average of £773 overall this Christmas compared with £655 for the total population. Not surspringly, the number of retailer's offering transactional websites has seen another steep rise this year. 81% now offer online stores, up from 71% last year and 51% in 2006.

We'll say it now, just so we can say we told you so - January will be a very, very long month if you screw yourself in December. Not wanting to sound like your mum or anything.


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  • Paul N.
    I think they're wrong... remains to be seen though. Everything else is pointing to a slowdown this Christmas.

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