Next are looking for Christmas staff

next shop Bitterwallet continues to bring the jobs to you, this time, Next looking to take people on for Christmas. That'd be Next there, looking to give you a job - not Bitterwallet. We're a news and sarcasm source - we can't help you at all.

Of course, a number of people aren't even reading these words. In previous posts like this, people have just asked for a job, got in touch in the comments, left their number and personal details and asked us to get in touch, like we'll sort them out with a job.

These people are literally not reading the words. Look at the comments on this Boots article, this Argos article, and this Royal Mail article we published. So with that, we're making all the words of this article about how we can't get you a job, but rather, point you in the direction of where you can apply. The links above will also take you to articles which link to the careers pages of the companies, if you're going to go on an applying spree this week.

So, given that we've written all that, do you fancy working for Next over Christmas? If you do, then you should click here to see what Next are offering. You can also see how many vacancies are at each branch, by clicking here, which is a nifty tool.

Happy job hunting. You're not reading this are you? Comments asking for jobs in 3... 2...


  • Luke
    Hi, I'd like a job, please. I'm lazy, feckless and incompetent, so a middle-management position should suit me fine. I'm not above screwing my way to the top and I don't mind stabbing other people in the back. Please email if suitable.
  • Wendyburke
    Hi just want to know if u have any jobs going can u let me know thanks
  • Vanessa W.
    Would love a permanent job but would settle for christmas work,i have done retail work before but several years ago, late nights and weekends not a problem
  • Lindsey m.
    What jobs do you have available I have good customer service skills. Would be Be looking for school hours as I have 2 young children.
  • Lena c.
    Please send information, regarding christmas vacancys at next. I am interested in the Solihull vacancy, haybarnes or birmingham bull ring. Regards
  • bill
    'Gis a job Bitterwallet!!
  • Marie p.
    I have got retail background and used to working with the public and ordering stock, stock taking and making sure the customers walk away happy as they are the most important thing when they walk through the doors of the store.
  • Nicola s.
    I'm interested in the role!
  • Christine H.
    [address removed]
  • Damian t.
    Please can I have some info for a job a next please
  • spikeymikey
    Hi, I'd like a job at Next. I'm reliable, punctual and can work as part of a team or as an individual, or so my team captain says on Fifa 16 pro clubs, if that can be included to my application. I also have a keen sense of fashion and follow the current trends closely, my main hotspots to shop are Sports Direct & Primark. I only tend to shop at Next when the mid season sale is on as I'm a cheapskate and want to look posh with next clothes bought for a fiver. I'll really make the effort to impress and don my No Fear suit with Donnay socks. Please can you get back to me regarding the job opening at Argos I'd be really grateful, Thanks. ..... Oh sorry I didn't see the paragraph about literally not reading the words
  • Rhi
    I thought you'd cracked it with the boots post, but alas it was just a moderation delay. Gotta feel a little sorry for the folks (in-between the alarmed laughter) who are waiting patiently by their inbox waiting for an answer about the job they've "applied for".
  • Teri l.
    Please give me a call on [number removed]
  • Lisa B.
    I am a 16 year old looking for work. I work for Compass on a zero contract. I am trustworthy hardworking and reliable. I am a good team player but can also work on my own.
  • Melissa F.
    Hello I am 17 years old and I am really looking hard for a job. I would love to work with Next as heard loads of great comments. You can get in touch with me through my email if your looking for a CV or call me on [number removed]. Thank you. Melissa
  • Sarah
    Hi I need a job. Christmas job will do, better than nothing! I live in walsall so any jobs local to Walsall, wednesbury and Sandwell will be good for me :) . More info please :) x
  • toni b.
    Hey I am looking for a Christmas job and I live in Welwyn garden city and I am 20 and I have a 4 year old boy and I would like more info please xxx
  • father C.
    I am looking for a job for after the Christmas rush. Maybe to help worth the January sales. I am fairly old but can work hard. Please send me an application form. Thnks
  • Dion
    Hello I would like to apply for a christmas job, I am a very hard working and suitable young person I am 17 years old and will be free over most of christmas
  • Nigel U.
    Hi, Please call me urgently on [number removed] as I have just the skills you need. I can do anything from running a store to cleaning the toilets. I am so desperate to work please.
  • Giorge C.
    Hey, I'm Giorge and I would love a Christmas job! I think it would be a great experience, I am a 16 year old A-level student, I am very hard working and always push myself to get the job done right. I would love it if you would consider me, thank you.
  • brachan s.
    hi, i am looking for abit of work, i am energetic and i am a very good worker. i like to finish off a job and i am very good at communicating with customers, contact me via email if you would like me to work at the next
  • NotDave
    Hey BW, is this some kind of elaborate identity theft scam thingy? If so, keep up the good work, looks like it's working. Looking forward to the Aldi 'stories'!
  • Suzanne s.
    Hi. My daughter us 15 and wants a Saturday job but no one seems to want to take on 15 year olds anymore unlike when I was that age.
  • bob
    The comments here can't all be jokes, which leaves me worrying for the future of humanity.
  • bill
    So many mentally challenged candidates to choose from, how will Next decide?!!
  • bill
    Maybe BW should start setting them tasks and they could battle it out for the chance of a role... it could be like the apprentice for dummies!
  • Shannon
    Hi, im 16 and in college 3 days a week, im looking for a part time/weekend job that will work around my college days, please email me if anythig comes up thankyou
  • Holy S.
    I think I missed out on the Boots and Amazon jobs, so can I work at Next instead? I have shopped there before so already know the stock and layout. I would be perfect for the role as I am a snazzy dresser, use Lynx body spray every day and wear loads of hair gel. I look forward to your call.
  • Chloe b.
    I’m a 17 year old studying at college (only in two and a half days) and am looking for a part time and weekend job, I am also able to work Monday and Wednesday nights. I am a hard working and confident individual also love a challenge and meeting new people.
  • Liam f.
    Hi I am a student looking for any seasonal work in the liverpool area.Thank you
  • Ellie B.
    Hi I'm Ellie Betts and I'm 17 years and I'm a very reliable, punctual individual and I enjoy meeting new people. I always work to a high standard and always have a smile on my face which is very important, I also have good time keeping skills and good people skills. I am very confident and I love fashion, I shop in Next and it seems such a lovely environment to work in, I would be very grateful to be working here, if you have anymore information you would like to give me please via email, thank you.
  • Louis R.
    Would love to work for you, got a great cv with retail experience!!
  • Kaine P.
    Just finished school and need a bit of money please help me by giving me a job for Christmas
  • Reks
    I m really Looking for job
  • I'm n.
    I would love a job working for next, I am currently unemployed due to redundancy

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