New Tesco Extra trapped in time warp, parties like it's 2008

As is the norm during the Winter months, large tears appear in the fabric of consumer space-time, allowing all manner of crap from yesteryear to tumble through. The makeshift gift shops that pop up out of thin air, the counterfeit games consoles and goods that litter the high street - all of them are sucked from Christmas to Christmas by temporal wormholes, formed by chronoton particles according to our science department/watching Star Trek: Voyager last night.

Anyway, this entirely flimsy premise and pointless opening paragraph nicely sets up this photo taken by Bitterwallet reader Mark. Tesco have just opened a brand new Tesco Extra store in Chesterfield, and no doubt the celebrations are still going strong. But what's that making deliveries the day before opening?

Bitterwallet - Woolworths delivery at Tesco


  • Joe
    Forgot this was due to open, haven't been back to Chez-vegas for months. I'm assuming the potential bottleneck up Lockoford Lane has actually happened and now everyone's up in arms. oh and the football stadium isn't complete yet, despite being part of the requirement for Tesco's planning permission
  • Nobby
    > But what’s that making deliveries the day before opening? Obviously not a fucking postman.
  • Reg W.
    Not really a time warp as Wollies is still around as an on-line site and presumably they also kept the business to business wholesaling bit going, hence the spotted delivery container. It was only the retail stores that went tits up.
  • Bo
    Its a giant tortoise! And nothing to do with woolworths online at all....
    Reg: you are talking out of your rectum.
  • kyalion
    "by temporal wormholes, formed by chronoton particles" What a load of bollocks. It's proper name is "a discombobluting valve" FFS, even a 5th grade student knows this.
  • Jack
    Reg Wells - it was actually the whole company that went tits up as you put it, how would their internet site still have any money in it? They spent everything an borrowed more. Another company bought the rights to the online Woolworths and still use its name to deceive customers I expect, sounds like a familiar company.
  • Kevin
    Woolworths was bought by Shop Direct. Same deal with Zavvi, that was bought by The Hut Group and is an online only company as well. It's not deceiving anybody, you'd have to be pretty stupid to not know what happened with those companies. It's called brand recognition! Of course you have to make sure you trust the new owners.
  • Brian
    "But what’s that making deliveries the day before opening?" Look you morons, i watch these lorries as a hobby, and it's a fucking Wincanton lorry that they couldn't be bothered to spray "You shop, we drop" crap on.
  • Brian
    Hi, Brian here. I would like to publicly apologise for swearing.
  • Reg W.
    Actually I never said it was the same company I said it was still around which it is, regardless of who owns it. The net effect was that the high street stores closed while there is still an online store called Woolworths, the same thing happened with Zavvi. Woolworths had a distribution arm which also went down, which incidentally was what put the final nail in the coffin for Zavvi too as they got most of there stock from them. If the distribution arm was still going then that would explain the lorry. Alternatively as others have noted somebody bought an old Wollies lorry cheap when they sold off the assets and did not re-spray it. Either way I am in no need of textual bog paper.
  • Nobby
    It's not the same company. New owners, new stock, but same name. They bought the name and use it because apparently some people still trust them.
  • anon
    actually the only thing delivered in the woolworths lorry was the new trolleys, must have bought the lorry cheap when wolloies went under lol

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