New rules for eBay sellers coming!

ebay Being a seller on eBay is a trying affair. Unfathomably, it seems that eBay want to make everything difficult for those generating money through selling things, as well as making life hard for those wanting to buy too.

eBay are, quite clearly, sadomasochists.

However, it looks like they're trying to sort it out, with some new rules for those who trade in the marketplace. They're going to bring in some new rules regarding customers who open cases against sellers.

So, at the moment, a trader is punished if someone opens at case against them, even if the trader is indulging in perfectly good customer service.

For example, if you send out an item, but the customer doesn't receive it, that is neither the seller or the buyer's fault. If the buyer opens a case, eBay punishes the vendor. Or, let us imagine you've sold someone a console, and when the buyer receives it, it doesn't work and you give a full and immediate refund or replacement - if the customer complains, the seller still gets hammered.

Well, this will change next February, where vendors won't get marked down for cases where item has not arrived, provided you've managed to resolve it with the customer before eBay has to step in.

These new rules mean that your ratings will stay intact, if you're giving decent customer service. Of course, there'll be swine on both sides who will try and find the weaknesses in this new rule, but at least for now, eBay are taking a step in the right direction.


  • bill
    Too little too late. A lot of sellers have moved onto other platforms be they amazon, or phone app based selling sites. Sales way down for UK based ebay sellers whilst the chinese sellers are doing a bomb with their cheap tat, and piggybacking off of our countries postal service, who don't see a penny of the postage costs but still get the job of delivering hundreds of thousands of these chinese parcels daily.
  • Albi
    Does anybody bother with ratings and feedback any more? It was novel at first, but I've probably wasted 2 hours of my life filling in all the bloody feedback forms. Everybody has 98%+ / 4 stars+ etc etc anyway
  • Edward
    In complete agreement with first reply. I have been selling on ebay since 2003 & have an anchor selling in excess of 23,000 Ebay are just focused on the buyer end of. What they forget is that many buyers are also sellers so they still end up antagonising the same person! Just launched with Amazon & when I have sufficient inventory moved over it will be by by ebay!

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