New Morrison's vans herald their delivery service

Morrisons are to start doing online deliveries and they've got some new, rather busily designed vans to show off as a result. And bosses at the company reckon that a million new households will be able to shop with them each month by the end of January 2015.

morrisons vans

Chief executive Dalton Philips says that Morrisons will be a unique web offering: "We are late to the party but I am confident we can make quite an entrance."

Customers will have to pay £1, £3, or £5 for deliveries, depending on the time of the day, and each order must be worth at least £40.

They plan to deliver fresher food than everyone else. They also plan to deliver bananas in bubble wrap and mangoes in socks. Fancy a bit of that?



    Late to the party is an understatement, Ten years ago Morrison's was a good store but it has gone downhill at an alarming rate, its expensive, a lot of the food items on offer are of poor quality and the checkouts are painfully slow.Once our weekly shop was 10% Aldi 90% Morrison's, its now the reverse.
  • Dosser
    Meanwhile Asda are cheaper overall and you can pay £15 for three months of unlimited deliveries with only a £25 minimum order. Way to go, Morrisons.
  • Alexis
    Don't mind those vans designs actually
  • Tim
    Thanks for the heads up on Asda. Never used it before and didn't realise it was as cheap as that!
  • MS
    Morrisons really is crap isn't it. Poor quality food, scruffy stores, shit tills - feels like going back in time when you enter one
  • Miami J.
    [...] BitterwalletNew Morrison&#39s vans herald their delivery serviceBitterwalletMorrisons will be to start doing online shipping plus they&#39ve got a bit of new, rather busily designed vans to demonstrate consequently. And bosses at the organization estimate that millions of new homes will have the ability to shop togetherSee all tales about this subject » [...]

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