My Little Pirate - fat-arsed 80s toys get movie mash-ups

What the suffering Christ is this all about, then? It's what happens when you're forced to play with My Little Pony as a schoolgirl, but secretly loved what the boys were playing with. Obviously they were playing with their penises, but in fact we're referring to popular toy lines such as Stars Wars figures and the like:

Artist Mari Kasurinen has been taking those fat little trollops and rebooting them for the 21st century in all manner of guises, including The Dark Knight's Joker, stormtroopers and Edward Scissorhands. They're all a little disturbing, not unlike the original ugly plastic nags of frumpy lifeless tosh, but somebody clearly has a soft spot for them - Kasurinen is flogging them for over £300 a time.

[Mari Kasurinen] via [Guardian]


  • acecatcher3
    used to love my little pony when i was younger!!
  • Dave T.
    Is that Amy Winehouse on a good day?
  • P E.
    no Dave Amy Winerack has 2 fewer legs, thatis the only difference though. BG1 .... I also enjoy this passtime (my own though not yours!)
  • Amanda H.
    How have we gone from My Little Pony to Masturbation via Amy Winehouse? Johnny Depp's been dragged in to it too. Weird dreams for me tonight.
  • oliverreed
    Ahem - from 'the playground circa 1980 - '"My Little Pony is skinny and boney, it's made out of plastic coz it's a spastic" Not my words.

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