M&S: The 'S' should stand for 'slippers', not 'sexy'

9 July 2014

marks and spencer Why do you shop at Marks and Spencer?

Chances are, you go there to buy food or other things like socks and undercrackers. Nothing too fancy. No-one shops at M&S for fancy stuff.

Not that the company themselves have noticed, what with their protestantly sexy adverts featuring Annie Lennox, Rita Ora and someone called Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. They want their shoppers to feel like they're coming to a vibrant place, where 'it' is all 'happening'.


However, M&S has always been most successful when aiming themselves at middle-aged people. Lacy bras and fashionable clothes is not what they'll ever be known for and, to underline all that, it has been revealed at the M&S annual meeting, that they are the country's biggest slipper retailer for men.

Get that!

It has been reported that one in five British men have been watching the World Cup in a pair of M&S slippers, and the retailer shifted a whopping 1.3m pairs of house shoes last year - not surprising when Marks & Sparks sell 40 different styles.

So while they try and modernise, maybe they should focus on the grey pound, rather than trying to muscle in on high street fashion chains. What do M&S customers want?! Comfy things! When do they want them?! Whenever you're ready, we'll be mooching around the house all day anyway!

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