M&S launch 'Sparks' loyalty card

sparks Marks & Spencer are going to reward their regular customers with access to all manner of things, like money off vouchers, food masterclasses and trips to vineyards, under a new thing called the Sparks members club.

Seeing as a lot of the people who go to M&S look like they're prone to the golf club or the Masons, they'll be well up for a bit of exclusivity eh?

Apart from that, this is because M&S have done some research, and they found that people are sick to death of being swamped in vague discounts and generic deals. People want offers and rewards that are specific to them, and all that.

So now, 2 million "brand ambassadors" (or, if you prefer, people who have a credit card with M&S, or are a shareholder) will be asked if they'd like to apply for one of these cards from today. It'll then be launched nationwide on 22nd October, for all the riff raff to pile-in on.

This is different from the existing points-based loyalty scheme for M&S customers. With this new thing, you not only get points for shopping, but you can generate points for writing product reviews, or taking in unwanted clothes that will end up going to charity. With that, you'll also tell M&S about your hobbies and interests, when you sign up, so they can tailor the offers and treats to your tastes.

Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne, executive director of marketing at M&S, says: "Customers tell us they want to 'be part of something special' and that's exactly why Sparks is a club. As a member, you are more than a customer and you'll get the most from M&S – with tailor-made offers, priority access and invites to exclusive events. It's a two-way relationship: members tell us what they enjoy, select their own tailored offers and are rewarded for sharing their views."


  • Warwick H.
    Mine arrived this morning, don't think I will bother as I don't want deluged with e mails, letters, Pigeons and men with cleft sticks bearing offers.
  • Andrew P.
    I have tried unsuccessfully 4 times this evening, on my wife's behalf, to register her M&S Spark card.What a nightmare. Nowhere on the M&S .com Account does it direct how to do it. I have been shuffled around the screen like a duster and still been unable to register the alleged priority access card. No prizes for this new venture so far as I am concerned. I give up. Will most likely save me money !! AP
  • EDNA S.
  • margaret s.
    Tried unsuccessfully on three occasions please advise
  • Chris s.
    Fed up trying to register new sparks card!
  • Ian A.
    It is impossible to register the new Sparks Card. I don't think I will bother unless you email me with sensible details. I have spent over an hour trying.
  • B.Harrison
    Same as above, please advise.
  • Liz D.
    Cannot register - can't see a way in. Why not just say "register here" and put in your number!!!!
  • Ingrid G.
    Same problem. Cant activate my Sparks card. Keeps coming up with my husbands details! I have a M&S account [removed] Please advise me how to activate my Sparks card No.[removed] ps My husband has spent 2 hours trying to activate my sparks card.
  • a.martin
    have tried several times to activate sparks card without success please help
  • Jan N.
    Same as above. Spent all morning trying to activate card. Fed up now.
  • Valerie T.
    I have tried many times to register my sparks card.No luck
  • Valerie T.
    I canot register my sparks card.I have tried several times it just won't register.
  • Kath
    Fed up of trying to activate my sparks offers
  • Douglas E.
    Have tried to resister my sparks card but wont register, perhaps you can answer a simple way it can be done, or is it a con !!! having a SPARKS CARD
  • MRS N.
    tried as every one else
  • MRS N.
    tried as everyone else unsuccsesfull
  • Andrea

    I have been trying since Christmas to activate my card, I fill in all the details and press join sparks and no joy, rubbishy, won't bother. Andrea

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