Morrisons told to stop saying they're as cheap as Aldi

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons have had their legs smacked by the Advertising Standard Authority, asking them what they mean exactly, when they say they're as cheap as budget supermarkets.

See, Morrisons ran an advertising campaign where they said that a comparable grocery shop at Morrisons would be cheaper than its rivals. That includes the likes of Aldi and Lidl. If not, you'd be reimbursed. Aldi weren't having any of that and lodged a bunch of complaints with the ASA like massive grasses.

They argued that the Morrisons advert would mislead shoppers, and that a proper comparison to goods could not be achieved.

The ASA looked into it and today, Morrisons have been told that they can't show the ads again "until it had provided consumers and competitors with a sufficient method to verify the references to the price-match scheme". Basically, they've said 'PROVE IT'.

Tony Baines, joint MD of buying at Aldi said: "This supports our view that these adverts did not provide consumers with sufficient price comparison data to enable them to make an informed choice. Our own analysis shows that the Morrisons Match & More scheme did not price match Aldi. In our view, complex price promotions and price matching schemes of this nature are confusing, are not transparent and do not serve the best interests of consumers."

Morrisons said that four of the five things thrown at them were thrown out by the ASA and, in addition to that, the commercial in question hasn't been running for months now. Basically, 'ner ner n'nyer ner'.


  • Albi
    Aldi is bloody awful. Wife came back with mouldy bagels before they were even opened, and gnocchi that tasted like glue. Half their stores are given over to non-food tat for no apparent reason as well.
  • oldgit
    Fruit and Veg at Aldi starts going off as you leave the store.
  • bob
    "Half their stores are given over to non-food tat for no apparent reason as well." Well the fairly "apparent reason" is that the non-food tat sells really well. If it didn't, you can be sure they would use that space for something else that sells better. Simple.

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