Morrisons to open convenience shops and sell online

morrisonsPerhaps Morrisons are taking advantage of all the empty shops in Britain as they've announced that they are to open a number of convenience stores and, in addition to that, are looking to start selling their groceries online.

Britain's fourth biggest grocer has decided to go for the jugular as they announced that they're currently getting an extra 800,00 bodies through their doors every week. This is despite the fact they've got some of the worst adverts on television. The store said it would begin to trial its first convenience stores, which presumably will be like Tesco Extra Express shops, in 2011.

New chief executive Dalton Philips told Sky: "Today we are outlining plans to build on our strengths and generate profitable growth. I am determined to make Morrisons better than ever."

Start by running a mop around some of your stores. Some of them are absolutely minging.


  • 8hundred,tens
    Who does the maths for you, they need a lesson in placing a comma.
  • Adam
    Similarly, by Tesco Extra I presume you mean Tesco Express too. Do you not read these things before you post them?
  • Ronald
    Tesco extra is the "hypermarket" and Express is the small one.
  • Alexis
    Can't move in Morrisons Eccles for old people.
  • The B.
    Safeway were minging, Morrisons are mildly better.
  • Nobby
    > are looking to start selling their groceries online. So only a few years behind tesco, sainsburys, asda, ocado, ....
  • Shadow
    Morrisons is a good store for Meat. By far the best by a margin of 10 for its quality compare to the other giants.
  • Palmface
    '800,00' ???
  • Morrisons F.
    All the Morrisons stores I've ever been in are actually quite nice compared to Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury.
  • Rod B.
    An extra 800 people is bound to be boardroom banter then! They must be falling about themselves at such volumes
  • Rod B.
    Morrisons are on a par with others, however they're stores look like something from 1990, as do the opening times of the outlets.
  • tin
    After running the mop around, get your staff to fucking cheer up (i.e. stop treating them like shit, I expect).
  • ouis s.
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