Morrisons to hold their own music festival... no really


Branding in music is not a new thing and bands sign-up with various companies in a way that doesn't give people the opportunity to shout "SELL OUT!" at them. So, cool hifi gear, technology, booze and clothes usually fit the bill.

However, what kind of band signs up to play a festival that Morrisons are putting on?

No, this isn't some weird dream you're having. Supermarket chain Morrisons are holding their own food and music festival this summer and its called MFest. Feel free to make your own 'getting trolleyed' or 'checkout the best music' puns here.

MFest will take place at Harwood House, Leeds from July 7-8 and will feature performances from The Human League, one of the Sex Pistols, Bob Geldof and Beautiful South/Housemartins' singer Paul Heaton. Oh, and celebrity chefs Aldo Zilli and Atul Kocchar will be knocking around too, presumably not telling you to use your local butcher rather than a big chain of supermarkets.

Richard Hodgson, Morrisons Group Commercial Director, said: "MFEST will be a unique addition to the festival market with not only a glittering array of entertainment for all ages, but a brand new, reinterpretation of festival food: from fantastic gourmet meals, to on-the-go treats, to live demos and interactive stalls for everyone to get involved and get creative."

"We are incredibly excited to be the lead sponsor with such an incredible line up planned and thrilled that our food will be keeping the crowds going at the inaugural MFEST experience."

Click over the jump to see the full line-up and, if you so please, shake your head wearily at each act. Please note the appearance of 'political' acts like The Levellers and Geldof signed up for this gawdawful cash-in. Then laugh at them. Here's hoping they all get pelted with scotch eggs (apart from The Human League because they can do no wrong).

The line-up for MFest so far is:

The Human League
Bob Geldof
Matt Cardle
Beverley Knight
From the Jam
The Low Suns
The Blockheads
Cher Lloyd
Clement Marfo and the Frontline
Paul Heaton
Glen Matlock
Secret Affair
Missing Andy
The Levellers
Inspiral Carpets
Paul Heaton
Heaven 17
The Farm
Scouting For Girls
Soul II Soul


  • Mr F.
    why oh why oh why do you not provide relevant links?
  • Dick
    Don't forget to take a tesco bag to sit on in case the grass is wet.
  • delenn
    why oh why oh why do you not use the current Morrisons logo?
  • jim
    looking forward to the Tesco "value-Fest".
  • Chewbacca
    why oh why oh why is BW shit?
  • This g.
    Did you ever WRITE this article? Where is the link you promise after "the jump"? I'd argue the only jumping that should be happening is people off a bridge after reading your wank.
  • JonB
    Link: Ticket prices: Adults: £49.50 Children: £25.00 Children aged 0-10: Free Be aware that they've split the acts over the weekend, so you will want to check if your favoured band is playing on the Saturday or Sunday.
  • Avon B.
    £49.50?! Have Morrisons ever charged that much for anything? I'd expect a fucking free pie and a bacon barm for that at least.
  • Chewbacca
    @ Avon Barksdale A bacon barm? What the fuck is that when it's at home? Fuck off back to Lancashire with your shit yokel-speak
  • Eee-by-gum
    Go eat worms on Kashyyyk you hairy bastard.
  • Mr. P.
    Secret Affair: I had no idea they were still going. Cher Lloyd: I thought this was a music festival? Bob Geldof: Get back to Holland Park you millionaire hypocrite. Human League: I still do the brunette.
  • Edd209
    Have they been getting all there marketing ideas's from Emmerdale.... My God you couldn't make this s**t up......
  • Edd209
    The Levvellers, (well I've seem they've finally taken the corporate dollar....) From the Jam ( 4 different flavour's on offer, weekend offer) Inspiral Carpets (Somebody in Morrisons marketing team like the look of there spaced out Cow logo so probably booked then on the back of that.) Texas (Char grilled I assume.) Clement Marfo and the Frontline (Who..) Soul II Soul (Fish counter) Heaven 17 (Isle 17) Cher Lloyd (They won't be to happy When Lloyd Grossman does a no show.) Missing Andy ( A child has been found in the grocery department, can the parent of a child, etc, etc.) The Farm (Need i say more) That about exhaust's my food pun's, ( I'll get my coat)
  • Raol M.
    Will parking be as shit as at their shops, ie the parent and child spaces all taken by old fuckers with fannys too dry to have given birth within a half century?
  • Nick
    @Chewbacca Do you just come here to insult people all the time. in another thread you call someone a fucking moron. Why don't you grow up and get out side, ask your mum if your aloud to leave the house today.
  • Pedant
  • Mike H.
    Chavs doing donuts in the carpark, emo girls hanging around the entrance, old dears standing in the middle of the fucking way, and BMW/Audi driving cunts on their iPhones in the beer tent talking about the football.
  • aphrodite_slayer
    This is ridiculous, who in their right mind would agree to play for a place like morrisons? i mean come on, selling yourself out or what? as for all the stupid rude and immature comments on here all of you grow up and get a life there is no need for that stupid shit on here. it not a place for you to express your foul mouths if you dont like what the article is about go and write or shout about it somewhere that someone is going to give a fuck

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