Morrisons to donate unsold food to charities

new morrisons logo Morrisons are doing a nice thing, and becoming the first supermarket to, across the UK, donate their unsold food to community projects.

They'll be doing their good deeds some time next year, and they aims to end the waste of edible food in all 500 of its 500 supermarkets. They trialled this in 100 stores, and it will be rolled out to the lot during the start of 2016.

With (an estimated) 15 million tonnes of food thrown away in the UK every year by both supermarkets and in households, Morrisons are doing their bit to try and rectify that. So that will mean food that is safe to be eaten, but past its 'use by' date and 'best before' date, will be given to those that need it.

The food will be given to projects that serve food in community cafes, as well as drop-in centres and homeless shelters.

Steven Butts, the supermarket's head of corporate responsibility, said: "The challenge is finding the right community partners to work with. What we have available will vary. Ideally we are looking for groups that can cook the food, meaning they can blend it [with food from other sources]."

Andrew Clappen Morrisons' group corporate services director added: "We don't like the idea of good food going to waste. And this programme will ensure that we find a home for the small amount of unsold or used food in our stores."

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