Morrisons to axe self-service tills

morrisons We've spoken about Morrisons and their want to bring back self-service tills on a number of occasions, and now, the struggling supermarket has confirmed it. Self checking out will wane, while 10 items-or-less lanes are coming back.

1,000 tills with human staff will be appearing and there'll be less of the robots.

Why is this? Well, Morrisons new boss David Potts has revealed that 96% of the supermarket's customers have told him that they prefer staffed checkouts. They like to chat to someone while they shop and two-thirds of those asked said that they didn't like self-service tills because they are worried that they'll hold everyone up and create queues while they wait for staff to override machines that blart on with warnings and can't scan products.

Some people prefer the machines, so they won't be getting rid of all of them. Potts said: “We’re listening hard to our customers and responding quickly wherever possible. If customers from time to time do smaller shops they want to get in and out of our stores quickly.”

“Not everyone wants to be herded towards the self-scanning checkouts and not everyone has a full trolley.”

Only last month, Morrisons decided to lose their computerised queue management system. Now, instead of relying on a computer to tell staff when another till needs opening, they'll rely on humans with eyes who can recognise that there's a big queue and the shop is quite busy.

Even the stores mentioned in this piece about Tesco's heavy reliance on self-service checkouts have decided to go back to having manned tills in the stores.

The British Retail Consortium think that customers are becoming increasingly cheesed-off with self checkout tills. A spokesperson for that lot, said: "If the evidence shows that customers prefer manned checkouts then supermarkets will want to show that any face to face contact they give will be the best available."


  • Warwick H.
    wont use them, B&Q refuse to put tills on through the week so we buy at Wickes instead.
  • ra r.
    Apart from geting one or two things, anyone else find it takes a lot longer to use these than normal manned tills? Asda at Cribbs set a fine example of how not to do these with the trolly ones. When they first came in and I used them I had to wait for more than ten mintes for someone to come over and clear the booze sales of the people infront.. Always use the manned ones now. Perhaps Asda shouldnt of sacked quite so many of the till operators when they put them in.
  • Ian
    Yes but they're good for getting the best apples for the price of the shitty cheap ones...
  • jim
    unexpected item in bagging area. please rescan the item. unexpected item in bagging area. please rescan the item. unexpected item in bagging area. please rescan the item. please ask for assistance whats not to like?
  • Albi
    Sainsbury's, Tesco, M&S, Asda and B&Q self service tills are brilliant. Yes they don't work flawlessly, but most of the time I'm in and out quicker than I would be on a manned till. Morrison self service tills are crap. They're from a different manufacturer than the others and are appalling. You basically have to pack your bag behind the machine and stretch across every time. I stopped using my local Morrisons a couple of years ago because of it. It's cramped and packed with coffin dodgers anyway, so if they think removing the tills and getting people to queue up for 20 mins is the way forward god help them.
  • jaffacake
    I shop in B&Q only because I signed up for a "trade card". there are usually three members of staff in the trade checkout area, doing nothing, because they are not needed elsewhere for the self-checkouts! I will never use self-checkout either :-)
  • Scrotal H.
    @ Ian Be careful, these things are getting smarter! "Braeburn fraud on till 9!"
  • Father J.
    I refuse to use the fucking things anyway.
  • tin
    No shit! I'm suprised these places are still in business if it took them any longer than a week to work that lot out.
  • Big M.
    The Morrison's self service tills were shit. Utter shit compared with ASDA, and that's saying something. Unexpected item in tea-bagging area.
  • bugger y.
    Does this mean that they will have real staff for the tills? I use the self service checkouts as there are usually only 2 or 3 tills out of 20 open when I'm there. I agree that they are shit compared to Tesco though!
  • SeeWhy
    Too many companies these days think it's perfectly OK to justify anything in the name of profit. I don't agree. These machines make us, the customers, do the work. They offer us no discount for doing so. They even treat us like naughty kids every time we try to buy razors (I'm 53 ffs) or alcohol and god knows what else. If they had the sense to put a flag on products to warn about this, it might save some angst but no.. that would be too sensible. Or possibly expensive. Today I had the most ridiculous example. I couldn't even buy a newspaper. It got flagged as 'unexpected item' even though the scan read it fine, maybe it was the wrong weight or something. Maybe it thought I was trying to buy an expensive glossy and passing off as a Guardian... I will never know. I left the shop swearing impolitely and vowing never to return. That can't be good for business, right? The sooner these thngs are, if not history, then at least confined to a side-show for those that want them, the better for us all.
  • Me
    This must be only regarding main estate stores! M Locals, especially the bigger ones, still use them as a preference. Do the math! 7 or 8 tills manned or 7 or 8 self serves manned by one assistant. HR cut the hours available to these stores in an effort to 'maximise' their profit, stressing the few staff members left and customers come second. David Potts has the right idea but he needs to spread this to ALL Morrison sites.

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