Morrisons stop washing windows to save cash

It’s a sign of the times when a supermarket has to cut back on its cleaning bill to save cash, but that’s what mucky Morrisons is doing this winter. In a triumph of bizarre logic, bosses have decided to cancel window cleaning at all its stores in a war against slipping sales, which dropped by 2.4% in the third quarter of this year.


The argument Morrison’s have given is this.

‘The weather forecast for this winter shows an increase in snow and frost.’

And as we know, snow is CLEAN. Except when it melts and becomes like grit filled human effluence. They added:

‘Morrisons has decided to reduce window cleaning at stores because it is less important to customers at the darkest time of the year, because the water that runs off windows can be a slippage hazard in the winter, and so we can spend money on maintenance activity that our customers do care about at this time of year.’

Like tinsel! (Covered in dirt).

The cut came into effect on the 2nd December and window cleaners won’t be back again until February, when presumably, the shop will be just called ISONS, and coughing, diseased staff will have desperately scrawled ‘CLEAN ME’ all over the front of the store.

Don't know about you, but I might take my business elsewhere...


  • Dosser
    Lucy, have you been drinking?
  • Bobby
    It seems that Tesco has been switching off their lights to save money. It was much dimmer than normal in the store, but the car park was ridiculous. Honestly I had a hard time finding my car the other night.....
  • Andy
    Shouldn't have wasted all that cash on Take That / Ant & Dec then should they

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