Morrisons: saving money by firing people

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons just can't seem to get anyone interested in them. Even though Ant & Dec shop at Morrisons and Take That sing their theme tune, they just can't stop the rot.

The supermarket has introduced a price-checking tool, which no-one cares about and have promised to slash the price on a host of products, which everyone is shrugging at and tootling off to Aldi and Lidl instead.

So how can the beleaguered supermarket save some money? Sadly, they're going to do it by sacking a load of staff.

It has been reported that Morrisons is all set to undergo a 'management restructure', which means that there could be 2,000 redundancies. And they're not messing around - these redundancies could happen within weeks after they trialled a trimmed down management structure at a handful of their stores.

This news comes on the back of Asda conducting a similar experiment of their own, which could see as many as 4,100 jobs being made redundant.

Could we be seeing a DEATHWATCH on Morrisons?


  • tin
    Sounds like that'll work. My biggest complaint about Morrissons is that there's never any fucking staff around. Fire some and I am sure that will fix that, no bothers.
  • Morrisons s.
    Morrisons jobs losses comes out tomorrow

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