Morrisons lose the sweets next to the tills

morrisons Morrisons are going to stop stocking sweets and the like next to their tills, because they really care, maaaan. By February 2016, they'll no longer put sugary things next to checkouts, after they asked their customers about it. ALL SIX CUSTOMERS, LOL.

Unsurprisingly, they're going to replace chocolate bars and bags of gummy things with a range of alternative snacks, like fruit, nuts and dried up things in a bag.

Morrisons want to improve the 'customer experience' at checkouts as a whole, and as well as ditching the sugar, they're going to get rid of the queue management system and use human intuition instead, as well as re-introducing express checkouts for those buying 10 or less items, and getting rid of older self-service checkouts in favour of new ones, that are more advanced and easier-to-use.

As far as the sweets go, the supermarket will be doing a trial across some of their stores, in a bid to find out what exactly should replace the confectionery.

David Potts, CEO at Morrisons, said: “We have been listening to parents and guardians who have told us that sweets on checkouts can sometimes lead to pestering from their children. This change will make the trip through the checkout easier and less stressful.”

Of course, nutritionists are very happy about this, because they want to see you eating dried banana flakes, rather than a Lion bar. Bryonie Hollaert, Company Nutritionist, at Morrisons said: “We are doing what we can to help customers choose healthier foods. As well as taking chocolate away from checkouts, we are also removing sugar and salt from other food and drink products. Last year alone we removed nearly one billion calories and over 38million teaspoons of sugar from our soft drinks.”

Tesco removed sweets from all their checkouts on January 1st this year, apart from those we've been in that had a load of chewing gum by the tills, which totally doesn't count.

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  • Inspector G.
    Why does it take 6 months to move sweets from checkouts?

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