Morrisons is talking to Ocado about maybe sort of going online

14 March 2013

Morrisons, one of the only big supermarkets to not offer online delivery, may be finally putting away its pipe and slippers and embracing that new fangled world wide web.

Thanks to online competition from its rivals, who can apparently deliver food to your house after you’ve pressed a magic button, Morrisons profits are falling faster than Gary Barlow into a vat of doughnuts – down 7.2% from last year.

So Morrisons have been chatting to Ocado about maybe getting some of that there technology. Ocado, a bit stressed out actually from delivering all that balsamic, have emphasised that this is NOT a takeover by Morrisons. The deal would run alongside Ocado’s current deal with Waitrose, and anyway, nothing is set in stone just yet.

Even so, shares in Ocado rose by 30% yesterday in anticipation – despite ongoing criticisms about their failing business model. (The company hasn’t made a pre-tax profit since it started in 2000).

So will Britain’s most boring supermarket and Britain’s least profitable delivery service be a match made in heaven? Er…


  • jkhjkhk
    Most boring? I had no idea shopping for your groceries was meant to be 'fun,' though I certainly wouldn't say it is more boring than any others, except for the fact you get so many grannys in there that walking around the store can take forever.
  • oliverreed
    They bought Kiddicare to enter the online market, guess weights of bananas can't be helped by pram distribution, who'd of thunk it.
  • badger
    I don't think there IS much of a dela between Waitrose and Ocado any more. Waitrose only agreed to stay out of offering their own delivery service for (I think) two years. But now they have their own vans, and Ocado have their own grocery lines. And Asda are better anyway.
  • badger
  • Dick
    I like shopping in Waitrose. It is like M&S but without the scum that come in for £10 dine-in promos.

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