Morrisons in stolen data nightmare

14 March 2014

Dear God, Morrisons must have built their HQ over an ancient Indian burial ground, because they’re having no luck recently. Aside from losing money hand over fist, the beleaguered retailer is now at the centre of a stolen data scandal.
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Hackers accessed Morrison’s payroll system and have stolen employee data – including bank account details. They also published it on the net then sent a disk of it to newspapers.

Morrison’s CEO Dalton Phillips – the unluckiest man in Britain – said that the police had been informed and that a cyber crime team was investigating. In a statement, Morrisons announced:

‘Initial investigations suggest that this theft was not the result of an external penetration of our systems. We can confirm there has been no loss of customer data and no colleague will be left financially disadvantaged.’


Disgruntled employee? Ant and Dec? An infiltrator with links to Lidl? At the moment, it’s a mystery, but one thing’s for sure, 2014 is not turning out to be Morrisons’ year.

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