Morrisons go on a hiring spree!

16 April 2015

morrisons Morrisons are going to create 5,000 new jobs in stores in a bid to boost their customer service. If they get people on the tills and avoid trying to make everyone use self-service machines, they might be on to something.

Anyway, this is all part of new chief executive David Potts plans, after his predecessor Dalton Philips got the chop for having a name that sounds like an early '80s TV show about a handsome antique dealer. Not to mention the fact he oversaw a hugely weak trade over Christmas.

Its statement said: "Morrisons is reshaping the way that its business is staffed, investing in new store jobs to deliver better customer service, while also proposing a reduction in head office jobs."

Potts added: "We are focusing on the things that matter to our customers. That means having more of our staff in our stores, improving product availability and helping customers at our checkouts. We believe our customers and our staff will appreciate the improvements."

So there you have it! More check-outs? Go on then! The next stop is to start filling their supermarkets with things we all actually want to buy. Then we'll start talking.

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  • Han S.
    They cut 2600 jobs in store last June, in reality they're hiring 2400ish, that's 3-4 per store. I'm sure that'll make a massive difference.
  • tin
    "If they get people on the tills and avoid trying to make everyone use self-service machines, they might be on to something." ^ that. and get some people in the warehouse so they can stop leaving deliveries on the loading bay for hours letting all the fresh and frozen stuff go rank and get some people on the "customer service" so it's not actually some poor harrassed bastard who has to sell fags, DVDs and lottery as well, who normally might be able to come and see you - waiting patiently* when you shouldn't have to be there in the first place cos invariably you're only there due to some Morrisons fuckup - after serving another 25 people first. People, in shops, who'd have thought that might be an idea. *patiently in practice but huffing/tutting/rolling eyes as is mandatory in UK.

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