Morrisons get rid of 'dry ice veg stands'

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons haven't been doing too well and need to start saving some money in a bid to get back in the hunt for customers.

One thing they're doing is getting rid of their dry-ice machines. Yes, you heard - Morrisons have fruit and veg stands that have dry-ice flowing over them to add a bit of 'theatre' to proceedings. These dry-ice stands are being ditched because they're seen as the biggest sign of pointless decadence of former chief exec Dalton Philips.

At the stores that had them, a number of people enjoyed the spectacle and took photos of the misty produce - but did it translate into a load of new customers? Not one bit. In fact, former chairman Sir Ken Morrison reckoned that it did quite the opposite and ended up alienating hardcore fans of Morrisons, who all buggered off to Lidl and Aldi.

Roger Owen, a former long-serving main board director, said: "You don’t need misting - the stores are not air-conditioned. It is a waste of money, a waste of time and it does carry a risk unless you spend a significant amount on maintenance. I said one of the first things Andy Higginson (the company's new chairman) should do is take it out, which he obviously has done and good on him."

"If this is an indicator of his intention that he has already spoken about of getting the business back to its core values and core strengths, then this is a step in the right direction and a very, very visible one."

These dry ice machines could be found in 300 of Morrisons' 500 shops.

A spokesman said: "This move is about going back to basics, using simpler refrigeration techniques and Morrisons' traditional strengths in fresh food management to ensure our vegetables stay fresh."

Rumours of Morrisons installing strobe lighting in the bog-roll section and an in-store DJ next to bottles of Toilet Duck are as yet, unconfirmed.

morrisons dry ice machine

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  • Smylers
    I reckon these dry ice veg stands only came about after a mishearing. Keen to impress the board, a manager implements them in stores then reports back to the directors: Manager: There you go, I've installed the lettuce spray you said we needed, to increase our profits. Director: No, you fool, I said: “let us pray for bigger profits”.

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