Morrisons drop confusing Aldi and Lidl Match & More price promise

facepalm Do you remember Morrisons taking on Lidl and Aldi with a price matching offer? Well, they've decided that they're going to stop doing it, just one year after they kicked the scheme off.

A Morrisons spokesman said: “Our customers said that sometimes they were confused by the price matching scheme, where sometimes they got points and sometimes they didn't. A lot of customers struggled with the fact that if their basket was cheapest, they didn't get any points. Customers generally want more points, and a loyalty scheme should be a thank you for spending.”

“In future, customers will be rewarded with points on everything they spend, and will get many more points when buying products with promotions attached."

Get that? Now, cast your mind back to Morrisons launching this price matching scheme and recall how Lidl responded to it.

That's right - they trolled the crap out of Morrisons, by pointing out that you could jump through all these hoops and do all manner of needlessly confusing things... or you could just shop where things were cheaper.

The ad they ran was executed perfectly and now, turns out to be true.


So what's changing with Morrisons? Well, from November 2nd 2015, you'll no longer have to spend £15 in one go to earn Morrisons points. From then, you'll earn 5 points for every £1 you spend in the supermarket.

However, you won't get points if you could have bought items cheaper in Aldi, Lidl or another rival supermarket. You can still get a £5 voucher for every 5,000 points you collect, and earn 10 points per litre when you buy fuel... and yes, this isn't wholly clear cut, but that doesn't matter because no-one shops at Morrisons anyway.


  • Anne C.
    Can't believe you have abandoned this great reassurance for customers that saved those of us on limited budgets from shopping around! Will have to go back to trailing around for bargains now, so loyalty to your store is out of the question. There must be lots of other customers who feel the same! Sainsburys have had some good offers lately for those of us who cannot take advantage of your current offer of extra points for spending £55 in one go. They sent me coupons for £4 off a £30 shop and took me to them for 6 weeks. Shame because I like your produce much better.
  • bill
    The guy at the checkout took a full 3 minutes straight trying to explain the old scheme to me and I left wishing I'd never asked, and still baffled about yeah good move M but probably a bit late now. Especially seeing as the closures have already started...
  • Albi
    It was a massive con anyway, just like with the rest of them. If they really really wanted to BE the cheapest, instead of claiming to be, they'd just knock the extra money you'd paid off the cost at the till. Hell, you could make a supermarket where price tickets are replaced by small LCD screens which update every morning to match the cheapest competitor price.
  • Dino
    They cannot compete and are losing out because every time they match an ALDI/LIDL price they drop it some more I got the MATCH 'N' MORE CARD when they said every item cheaper in other stores would earn points then on my first shop I spent just over £14 and 3 of the 4 items in my basket I knew were cheaper in ALDI yet the receipt said I earned ZERO points that's the last time I used it apart from when you could win points on cards. I got 600 points to add to the 1700 starter points and went on to my account last night and it said I only needed 470 points for a £5 voucher. I now shop at ALDI and a local butcher overall I'm glad I switched.

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