Morrisons cut prices of 200 things

8 June 2015

morrisons The new chief executive of Morrisons, David Potts, always makes us sing The Kinks/Jam song 'David Watts', which means he must be a dull and simple lad who cannot tell water from champagne. Never mind all that though, as he's ushered in a wave of price cuts for the beleaguered retailer.

There's going to be 200 items being sold more cheaply, including a lot of basics like milk, butter and bread, some of which are being dropped in price by as much as a third.

So, if you buy four pints of milk, that's gone from £1 to 89p - diary farmers will be thrilled about that, no doubt. If you buy 1kg of Tate & Lyle granulated sugar, that's been reduced by 25%, so it is now 25p - no doubt no-one cares about sugar farmers.

Potts said: "We want to be the best value retailer – offering customers the best price for good quality British products. Today we’ve reset some of our prices so that our cupboard essentials will be amongst the lowest on the market."

Is this enough? Usually, cutting the price of basics only works if you want to buy other things from the shop. There's no point going to a shop to save 11p on milk if there's nothing else you want in the store. That said, savings are savings.

One of the things that Morrisons have been promising, is to simplify offers and deals, which is something that a lot of supermarkets have resolutely failed on. However, with shoppers liking Aldi and Lidl's lack of deals, in favour of consistently low prices, Morrisons might be barking up the wrong tree on this one.


  • Albi
    Morrisons stock 30,000 products. So they are cutting prices by on less than 1% of their products and many of those cuts will be 1 or 2 pence. Supermarkets treat us like morons. Every company constantly tells us they are cutting prices in some way or another, yet even their 'price matching' is a watered down con.
  • jaffacake
    This has been widely reported today, including prominantly in the BBC. Since when did auntie beeb begin advertising for Morrison's? Will they play fair and mention other supermarkets' small one-off discounts? And is 3p off a pint of milk really news? Someone is pulling strings!

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