Morrisons cut prices again, because they're desperate to be noticed

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons - currently needier than a thousand Kanye Wests - have announced that they're cutting the price of 135 more products. The last batch of price-drops clearly haven't had the effect desired.

Chief executive Dalton Philips (with a name like that, you'd hope he's played by Timothy Dalton) has been feeling the strain over the group's performance, and has said that this cheapening of everything is solely to help people reduce their shopping bills.

"These are permanent price cuts, not promotions, and they won't be the last," he said from his secret volcano HQ.

The supermarket has promised to reduce prices to the total of £1bn over the 3 years. In a bid to save money, they're going to sack 2,600 staff too, which isn't very nice.

So what are Morrisons selling us more cheaply? Well, a 400g tin of Don Mario tomatoes is now going to cost 69p while you can get a 'giant' pineapple for £1.25. Sounds like the beginnings of a particularly unpopular pizza right there.

However, Morrisons has an image problem and people just don't seem to want to shop at their stores. Does some cheap pineapples really make you want to start giving them brand loyalty (which is a dying thing anyway) over the place you're already doing you weekly shop?

Doesn't seem likely. Maybe they should try offering something that the other supermarkets don't, rather than simply shouting "WE'RE DEAD CHEAP WE ARE!"


  • Alexis
    They must think the public are stupid. It's no good lowering prices if everyone else is cheaper. And their prices can't be that low if they keep finding more of them to reduce. 135 products in a supermarket full of 10,000, probably 1p cheaper. Brilliant.
  • jim
    noticeD missing yer D there dude

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