Morrisons continues to grow

Morrisons growth

Morrisons are still on an upward keel, which has surprised many. It seems that they've been winning people over again, thanks to their home deliveries and takeaway sandwiches, of all things.

Morrisons achieve their second consecutive quarter of underlying growth, which is good news as the previous four saw consecutive declines.

This morning, they were one of the biggest FTSE climbers, noting that sales at stores (the ones that have been open for over a year, and their online shop) rose 0.7% in the three months to 1 May.

Of course, this positive news has seen their shares going up. The good news for the consumer is that, with confidence around the company, that means they should be able to keep their prices competitive.

David Potts, Morrisons chief executive, said: "There is still much to do and our colleagues are working very hard to improve the shopping trip and save customers every penny we can."

"Customers are responding and satisfaction levels remain ahead of last year."

"Word of mouth is very important and if the word on the street is that Mozzas is back on its feet and has found its sea legs again in quite a choppy market then that will spread."

All that hard work, and he goes and calls it 'Mozzas'. Jesus wept.

He continued: "We will continue to do the work around this shopping trip. We are right at the start of this journey."

Basically, Morrisons have simplified people's shopping experience, which is what consumers actually want in 2016, as seen with the remarkable rise of Aldi and Lidl.

Of course, their online partnership with Ocado is doing them a great service too, and Morrisons have already said that they'll be making fresh and frozen food available on Amazon as well.

Things are looking up.

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