Morrisons berated for 'lower standard' eurochicken

23 November 2012

The NFU (the 'principle voice' of farmers in the UK) are having a go at Morrisons because they've decided to forget about only stocking fresh British poultry meat in favour of importing cheaper, lower standard chicken from the EU.

Most of their chicken will now come from Holland and will be marketed under the very English sounding 'Hemsley's' brand. A Morrisons spokesperson said it was only small quantities involved and that the country of origin will be 'clearly labelled', or, if you prefer it in Dutch, ongelooflijk klein.

However, the NFU aren't happy because all Morrisons' British producers fulfil the requirements of the Red Tractor Scheme. Those from the EU, won't.

Duncan Priestner said: "It means fresh British chicken will be now be displaced by cheaper produce from EU countries that will not have to meet the same welfare standards and it is a blow for the industry. We understand the difficulties retailers are faced with in a competitive market where consumers are demanding a variety of price levels to suit their needs, but unfortunately that comes at the cost of animal welfare standards and British poultry meat."

"Morrisons has always been a keen supporter of British farming and we want this to continue. We hope this is a short term move that Morrisons will review and reverse at the earliest opportunity."

A Morrisons spokesperson said: "Morrisons will still sell a higher percentage of British meat than any other major British supermarket. We will buy more meat direct from British farmers than other British supermarkets. We are the only major British supermarket to run our own abattoirs that support British farmers."

Share your thoughts with us, dear readers. Do YOU feel like chicken tonight, and do you care about where it came from?



  • foxes
    I think wanting just British chickens might be racist but I'm not sure
  • Yorkshire M.
    Damn you scratchers demanding cheap foreign meat. You lot too who want to eat cheap chicken...
  • Don't c.
    them's good eating
  • PJH
    "It means fresh British chicken will be now be displaced by cheaper produce from EU countries..." Hurrah. Does this mean food inflation will now be only 5% instead of 10%?
  • Wongaporkpies
    time to stuff morrisons where the sun doesnt shine then !
  • james d.
    Strange that morrisons chicken counter prices have gone up about 20%
  • Sicknote
    Morrisons are scum bags, always have been. About 3 years ago my wife slipped on some waste meat that had been dropped on the floor when a member of staff was cleaning a fridge; 2 members of staff laughed when it happened and it was only when I asked for the manager that they got some help. Manager turned up and gave us some cock and bull about how clean the store normally and that he'd give us our groceries for free. We accepted and still sued them for a tidy sum. Had one of their lawyers call me on the telephone and make out it was my wife's fault for not being vigilante; "oh dear" I said, "that's going to be a costly acquisition for Morrisons....." I said before hanging up.
  • Warwick H.
    Morrisons quality has dropped alarmingly in the last few weeks while their prices have shot up, we shop for very little there now only for BOGOFs and no longer buy wine there, example Echo Falls in Morrisons £ Home Bargains £4.25, its not rocket science.
  • Morris U.
    As a long-time shopper at Morrisons, I have seen the price increase and quality decrease. Once I get my Christmas vouchers sorted, I'll be off to Asda every week - maybe I might have to wear pyjamas and swear at my kids in order to fit in at Asda though
  • chris_moneyandi
    don't care about the chicken origin @ morrisons. I've been there last week for the first time in my life and never ever again!!!

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