Morrisons announce price-tracker

morrisons 300x300 Morrisons, in a bid to get you all shopping with them again, have unveiled a price checker tool so you can see the 1,200 price cuts they've made this month.

This online tool, which you can see at Morrisons main website, allows you to monitor the price history of past products, going back to February. That means, you can see if they're pulling a fast one by inflating the prices of things, before offering them at a knock-down price which is probably the same price they were before the artificial hike.

Bold move.

Morrisons reckon they're the first major supermarket to offer this scale of service on their website.

Morrisons digital marketing director Amanda Metcalfe said: "Food prices can move up and down and that’s partly because of the number of deals that we offer. Customers therefore want to know whether they’re getting a really good deal. We want customers to have complete faith in our value-for-money and we’re hoping that this ‘warts and all’ approach to our pricing will help."

Will this help? If they're not selling things people don't want, it doesn't matter what price it has been.

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