More Christmas jobs with Boots!

boots_logo More Christmas jobs for those of you that need some money over the Yuletide period, and this time, Boots are needing your services.

Boots reckon that working for them is amazing, and have said: "We've brilliant opportunities for you - with your friendly personality, and your love for all things retail. You'll get to know about all the latest offers like our 3 for 2, Star Gift and, obviously, be ready to help on our Christmas section."

"It's a great chance to earn some festive cash and we'll give you all the training you need. It could even be the start of a great career with us, as some of our Christmas Customer Assistants have even gone to full time positions and even become Assistant Managers."

Obviously, like the other job alerts we've posted on Bitterwallet, some people won't read this article at all and assume that we're able to sort them out with a job, and leaving comments asking how to apply, rather than hitting the contact links we provide. Suffice to say, we won't help those people because they clearly don't possess the attention to detail needed for festive retail staff.

Anyway, you can follow Boots career team on Twitter at @Boots_Jobs and Facebook - Boots Jobs - for updates on all the roles that are available, or you can just go straight to their designated jobs page if you click here. Not that this will make any difference. There's going to be at least one person who leaves a comment with their phone number in it, saying "get in touch - I'd like to work for you please'.

Good luck and all that!


  • Fagin
    OFFSHORE cunt company adding to the general misery of this country, fuck them!
  • angela m.
    Id like to work for boots
  • Teresa B.
    Id love to work at boots please give me a chance
  • Alannah-mae R.
    [phone number removed] please get in touch i would love to work for you.
  • Michelle d.
    I'm looking for a new job career have a lot of experience in retail and would love to join boots
  • Anna D.
    Please send me info about vacancies at Boots. Thank you.
  • cheryl m.
    Hi wondering if their was any part time vacancies available, i hav customer service experience, i hav previously worked in parkhead & sports direct & would appreciate it if i could be consodered for vacancy wen or if any become available. Thanks
  • Thomas P.
    Hello, I'm interested in working at boots it seems like a good oppertunity, and it's the sort of job I want to be in as I will enjoy it, I get along with people really well I'm a team player and I can also work induvidually, I'm really confident and have no issues with communication skills, Thankyou
  • Katie P.
    I would really like to work for you and if you consider me just e-mail me on the email above. I am 16 years old and I am good at working in a group and also independently.
  • Katie P.
    just e-mail me on the email above. I am 16 years old and I am good at working in a group and also independently.
  • Wendyburke
    I would love to work for u all
  • Vanessa W.
    I'm interested in part time work and don't mind working late evenings and weekends, i've had retail training before all though it aas a long time ago
  • christine c.
    I am intrested in ur vacancies i hve experience with cash handling n can work part of a team
  • Teri l.
    Please give me a call on [phone number removed]
  • chloe m.
    I would like to work here if possible I'm 17 and looking for a part time job over Christmas and this would be perfect.
  • Shane t.
    Will need to work around college timetable
  • Mrs f.
    Currently look for a part time job over Christmas ... will have to be part ime as I look after my 2 children out of school hours
  • andrew m.
    My name is Andrew Morrisi am 17 years old and i am attending the last year of st davids college and was hoping that you might have a weekend vacancy that i could apply for,i like to meet new people and am very outgoing i hope to have a reply from you..
  • jose s.
    'get in touch-I'd like to work for you please'. [phone number removed]
  • Jade d.
    Im looking for a job
    Would love a chance to return back to work .
  • Leeanne
    Any jobs.plz
  • Chelsea J.
    Hi my name is Chelsea I'm seventeen years of age I came across your advert today and it seems ideal for me. Reasonably ive been looking for jobs everywhere and this would be ideal as I live five minutes away from a boots store, I'm based in Knutsford Cheshire I'm mostly looking for full time or part time as I don't know what's going on at college. I'm a hard working young lady that's up for a challenge and a change get back to me as soon as you can chelsea.
  • Julie w.
    I would love to get a job here am hard working flexible, i am a good time keeper
  • Giorge C.
    Hello, I'm Giorge. I'm a 16 year old student and I would love to have a Christmas job, I think it would be good experience and I have quite a few skills that will help me to get the job done correctly.
  • Mof G.
    To everyone in the comments - go on - actually read the article and then tell us why it might be unwise to ask Bitterwallet to get you a job with Boots.
  • bill
    Wow, what a load of planks commenting on this asking for jobs and giving out their phone numbers. If you don't know the difference between Boots HR and a news article then you're unlikely to get the job, to be quite frank.
  • Horsey
    Absolutely unbelievable, how any of these people will ever get a job is beyond me
  • kv
    At least Boots have a good list of names to cross-check against their applications to know who not to hire. Muppets!
  • Billy F.
    Mof, if I apply for one of these jobs can I put you down as a referee? P.S. I've done it anyway so thanks in advance.
  • Giorge C.
    Hey, I'm Giorge. I'm a 16 year old A-level student and I would love a Christmas job. I am very hard working and I always push myself to get the job done correctly, I would love it if you would consider me for the job! Thank you.
  • brachan s.
    hi, i would love this christmas job to gain some extra cash. i am 16 years old and very good with customers. i am very enthusiastic and i love to work. i would finish every job i am asked to do and i will do it with a smile on my face. please contact me via email more about the job.
  • Suzanne s.
    Hi. My daughter is 15 and wants a Saturday job but no one seems to want to take on 15 year olds anymore, unlike when I was that age.
  • chewie
    Why are all of these idiots ^ responding as if BW is Boots? Am I missing something, or are they all just stupid?
  • Pie M.
    LOL at all these tards.
  • Henry C.
    absolute mongtards
  • you
    I dont own any boots as i have webbed feet, can i still have a job?
  • Jobs M.
    I'm assuming all these are bots automatically responding to forums with information about jobs, no one can read this article and actually think BW is offering these jobs. If not, and any of you spazzers think that BW is offering jobs here, you aren't fit to be employed. However, you also shouldn't be on the dole, as that's embarrassing despite what Red Jez tells the handout brigade. Get some education then apply for real jobs.
  • Sarcasm
    They are joking, because at the end of the article the writer says they expect people to inappropriately use the comments section for this. So that is what people are doing. It is funny.
  • Chloe b.
    I’m a 17 year old studying at college (only in two and a half days) and am looking for a part time and weekend job, I am also able to work Monday and Wednesday nights. I am a hard working and confident individual also love a challenge and meeting new people.
  • Ellie B.
    Hi I'm Ellie Betts, I am 17 years old and I would love to work this Christmas job at Boots. I'm a very friendly person and I love meeting new people. I am a very confident person and I have very good time keeping skills and too me you need to have good people skills for this job and to me that is exactly what I have, I come across very polite and always have a smile on my face. Please contact me by email, thank you.
  • Jack J.
    I would love to work for you - My phone number is [removed]
  • KAY
    Before Boots decide who to take on they should read these comments and remove the idiots commenting with there details out of the application process...
  • Courtney w.
    I would really love the chance to work for boots and it has very good brands which are sold within the shop. I have work experience of working on a till and serving customers. I am a very reliable person and I would love to earn that little bit more money over Christmas. Be a perfect little job .
  • Sibel
    I am looking part time any job.i live in ealing broadway
  • rebecca t.
    [phone number removed] I would like to work for boots please get in touch xx
  • Pie M.
    Bitterwallet's never had so many readers!
  • chewie
    ^"readers" isn't the right word....
  • Bogbrish
    LOL, what a bunch of utter remedials
  • Sophie m.
    I would love to be given the chance to work for boots, I am a happy individual that loves to be around people working in retail would be my perfect preferred job. I have till experience and customer service experience.

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