Mirrors removed from some changing rooms

Mirrors removed from some changing rooms

Shopping for clothes can be a massive, massive pain. Finding clothes that fit can be a problem, given retailers 'free jazz' approach when it comes to labelling sizes on clothes.

Some shops have decided to remove mirrors from changing rooms too. Why? Well, it turns out loads of people really hate the mirrors we have in our stores.

71% of British women have said that they're put off from buying clothes after they've tried them on in front of a mirror in a changing room, according to a survey.

Over half of the women who were surveyed (52%) said that they are left feeling down in the dumps after seeing themselves in changing room mirrors, with 22% saying that they'll only allow close friends and family to see them trying on clothes.

Men probably don't have much of an opinion on this, given that almost every item of men's clothing is pretty much square and it'll kinda fit, and 'kinda fitting' is good enough.

Retailers Hammerson are taking down some mirrors in the Birmingham Bullring, Bristol Cabot Circus and Croydon Centrale, to see if it makes any discernible difference.

You suspect they're keeping some up, because there's people who like to check themselves out before buying clothes.

Alex Thomas, regional marketing manager for Hammerson, said: "One of the main reasons people come to our shopping centres is to buy clothes, whether that be a brand new wardrobe or a one off item for a special occasion."

"We want to ensure that everyone feels comfortable and confident when trying on clothes, so that's why we're trialling banning the mirrors."

"We hope that women in particular will try something on and feel gorgeous and glamorous. Hopefully this will be a success and we can roll it out across our shopping centres for the summer."

So there you have it. If you want a nice opinion on how you look in your potential purchases, take a nice, but honest friend with you, rather than beating yourself up by looking in an unflattering mirror.

And please don't take one of those people who find themselves hilarious who make fat jokes. Leave them at home.

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