Middle classes flock to Grocer of the Year...Aldi

Jay rayner

It used to be that in the UK, Aldi signified social malaise, and if one appeared in your area, it meant you lived in a sinkhole of despair. It was the place you went if you had spent all your money in the bookies and you needed a bucket of broken Polish biscuits and a bottle of High Commissioner whisky to cheer yourself up.

But now Aldi has been named Grocer of The Year by Grocer Magazine and times are a changing. It’s an extra boost for the supermarket, which has slowly been gaining cult status amongst the middle classes, who flock there to buy cheap Parma ham and olive oil and really VERAY good wines.

Sales are up 31.5%, meaning that cheap and cheerful Aldi is flexing its muscles with the big boys like Tesco, Asda and Sainsbury’s, and looking set to overtake them, too.

And after receiving a raft of gold medals from The Grocer for their products, beating the fancy shops hands down, it seems that there’s no reason why Jocasta and Archie Dicknose shouldn’t sully their hands by entering an Aldi and buying up all the award-winning lemon and mascarpone cheesecake.

But how will this affect the bastion of middle classness that is Waitrose? Will they start stocking cut-price Bratwurst and piling all their stuff up on palettes with LOOK! 99p! written on them?

And once the Boden-clad hoardes have nicked off with all the parmesan, will there be any food left in Aldi for us joggy bottomed peasants?


  • Marketing W.
    The first time I hear anybody in there calling to their kids Olly and Dominy, I'm off to Lidl.
  • Milky
    Go write your grot & on a toilet wall Sweet.
  • Nelmer
    They'll be war if Henrietta gets her hands on the last 99p frozen pepperoni pizza
  • james
    "They’ll be war" Who will?
  • shiftynifty
    for us joggy bottomed peasants?...speak for yourself Lucy
  • Sicknote
    Old news - been going to Aldi for bloody years now
  • Puurdantic
    Not sure that Aldi will be overtaking the big guys any time soon - from Kantar Worldpanel 2013 data: (http://bit.ly/10fruEW) Tesco - 29.9% Asda - 17.5% Sainsburys - 16.9% Morrisons - 11.5% Even with the growth in the last year Aldi stands at 3.4%
  • chewbaccccaaaaaa
    @Jim Don't waste your time. These illiterate tossers post their drivel, and never return. Much in the same way that a pigeon may shit on your head. Even if they did give a fuck, their low intellect couldn't comprehend the point you were trying to make, and would call you a "grammer (sic) Nazi". You see, illiterate morons do not like to be corrected. As the Kaiser Chiefs once sang: "it's cool to know nothing". Is it fuck.
  • Hawkeye T.
    @chewbaccccaaaaaa: Granma wanker
  • Sicknote
    @Puurdantic You're absolutely right there; I stopped shopping at the big 4 ten years ago and it takes time for change. Ten years ago Aldi was at .034 % compared to the big 4 I bet and still they're growing.
  • Kevin
    If the Aldi is the only supermarket in the area then you are indeed living in a run-down area. It also depends on the quality of your store. My local Aldi is good but their fruit and veg doesn't seem to last very long and is often badly bruised etc But others I've been to have no such problems. Aldi do some great products. But I wouldn't want to have to do all my shopping there.
  • LoloL
    "Bucket of broken polish biscuits"? There's no polish products in Aldi you thicko! Aldi is a german shop not polish and there's no Aldis in Poland either! How stupid you must be to assume that because something's coming from that part of Europe it must be polish!? Mong!
  • \o/
    Sorry there's few Aldis in Poland actually but it is a German Supermarket so deffo there's no broken polish biscuits in Uk's Aldi!!!

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