Men, you so fat you need an XXXXXL from Debenhams

Men are getting bigger, taller and increasingly in need of tent sized structures to cover their manly frames. According to Debenhams, demand for larger sized menswear has increased by 126% in the last few years.


But apparently it’s not JUST because men are becoming sedentary corpulent chubbers who sit on their man sized asses eating Dominos hot dog stuffed pizzas (although there’s probably quite a bit of that). They’re getting taller, too –trousers with a 36 inch inside leg are becoming more and more popular, according to the department store.

At the Debenhams Big And Tall section they’ve not only been strengthening the floor, but they’ve had to introduce a whole new set of sizes to cater for these fat buggers man mountains. Their old XXL maximum size is cutting off the circulation, so they’ve had to introduce XXXXXL to accommodate their er..girth. The dimensions of Big and Tall’s best sellers make you wonder whether there’s a secret race of Giant Haystacks roaming the earth. Their most popular top is XXL and their top selling trousers are a belly busting 44 inches.

So while women try to change their bodies to squeeze into ludicrously small clothes, it seems that men just demand a marquee to cover their beer gut. Is this evolution or a concrete manifestation of masculinity in crisis? Ah, sod it - let's all just buy some bigger pants!


  • tt
    It would be nice if they introduced clothes for tall thin people at the same time. You can buy a pair of 30 waist 36leg trousers in top shop ladies, but try getting anything with a leg length greater than 34 in the man's shop (or, actually, most places)
  • Captain.Cretin
    I am 6` 6" and 40" waist (I know - I need to lose weight). I wandered into Debs a few years ago with my 12 y/o son to get him some tracksuit trousers; the age 12/14 trousers were so big they fitted me. In contrast, a top I was looking to buy for a 3 y/o niece was labelled "XXL" Perhaps Debs need to sort out their suppliers size charts before introducing new sizes
  • Jimmy S.
    I blame the Hipsters and their bloody skinny jeans! Bring back the humble shell suit I say! Just don't wear it when refuelling your car.
  • New S.
    Wow, comments awaiting moderation, nice one wanker
  • shiftynifty
    Don`t be a twat...lose the fat...See what I did there...chomp
  • Dr Z.
    Would you like to see my man fat, Lucy?
  • LancerVancer
    Comment Deleted. By Andy. Just like the others i posted.
  • Han S.
    Nice to know some people enjoy throwing their toys out of the pram
  • Name*
    BW editors need some XXXXXL for their egos
  • Justin A.
    How about some gender-related balance here, Lucy? Plus size ranges at SimplyBe, ASOS, New Look, etc. Women convincing themselves they're BBW's when the truth is they're obese, unfit and possibly lazy and greedy as well? Let's not just say that stores are accommodating men's obesity yet squeezing women into size zero when the truth is it works both ways.
  • Dick
    ^ The average British woman has always been a fat pig.
  • Zeddy
    Well there's nothing average about Lucy.

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