McDonald's on the slide

9 December 2014

mcdonalds_logo People are going off McDonald's.

Global sales at the fast food empire dropped 2.2% for the six consecutive month. Sales in the US fell 4.6% in November, which is more than double than what was projected.

It's been a bit touch-and-go for McDonald's as like-for-like sales have not increased since October 2013.

It's said that consumers are going for healthier lunch-based solutions, even if Big Macs are less fattening than your average pre-packed sandwiches [Or, they're going to places that are unashamedly unhealthy, which is why people eat burgers - Ed]

Elsewhere in McDonald's world, sales in the Asia/Pacific, Middle East and Africa markets were down 4%, but this was partly due to a meat supplier scandal. It's the same all over though - Russia dropped 2%, and both France and Germany have suffered low sales.

Don Thompson, McDonald's chief executive, said: "Today's consumers increasingly demand more choice, convenience and value in their dining-out experience."

Last month, the fast food giant said it would move into its 120th global market by opening outlets in Kazakhstan next year, adding yet more to the 35,000 locations that serve about 70 million customers a day.

So what are you all eating instead? Are we going to find you all Up The Greggs?

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  • dvdj10
    Yer it's disgusting for once in a while it's ok to eat for a change. But the price in recent years has really shot up which is the problem I think. I didn't mind paying £3.50 for a dirty meal but when it's closer to £5 there is other things I'd rather buy.

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