McDonald's defend zero hour contracts

26 August 2015

mcdonalds It won't surprise anyone that a company like McDonald's employs people with zero hour contracts. We believe that Hamburglar has been on one for the past few years.

Well, the UK boss of the meat vendor has decided to defend the company's use of zero-hours contracts, by saying what all the other businesses who use them say: it helps staff to stay flexible. It also screws a load of people who want more work, but there you go.

Paul Pomroy, while speaking to the Beeb, said that all UK employees were notified of shifts two weeks in advance and were allowed to work elsewhere. He says: "Jobs at McDonald's are good jobs. Our staff are trained well and are proud to work for the company."

Stop laughing at the back.

McD's are also looking at how they will pay the new National Living Wage to staff who are 25 and over, with Pomroy saying that it'll be a burden on the company. That'd be the company that are worth $92.5bn worldwide, the poor lambs. Oh, and they're the same company who are being investigated for dodging $1bn in tax too, and that the EU are investigating them. The struggle is real, clearly.

Of course, Pomroy says that McDonald's have paid a "fair" amount of tax: "I'm confident we're going to come out clean, we have paid within 1% of the UK corporation tax for a number of years."

Maybe the new table service will be the thing that sorts everything out, so we forget about McDonald's numerous dicky doings.

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  • Jaffacake
    With all the talk recently on here about tips, how come no-one ever tips the workers at McDonald's even though they are often working for minimum wage, same as the staff at all the other restaurants mentioned?
  • jim
    lol - do you tip your newsagent when you buy a bag of crisps?

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