Mattel don't ban Bodyshop Barbie advert, but everyone kicks off about it anyway

Thanks to having a generally good life in England, we tend to get angered by perceived injustice because... well... there's nothing else to do. As such, we're flooded with irritating charitable causes as people do stupid fun-runs and bemoan the closure of a pub where a vaguely famous band played once.

Worse still, is eLiberal Outrage (ELO for short, sorry Jeff Lynne) where people spit their peppermint tea all over their MacBooks because some bastard did something or other and it is all incredibly unfair and sickening. SICKENING.

For example, at the moment, the advert pictured below is getting flung around Facebook and Twitter, coupled with the message: "This wonderful Bodyshop ad was banned by Barbie Inc. Repost if you think it deserves to be seen."

bodyshop barbie

However, what's missing is the small fact that this advertisement is from 1998 and wasn't banned by Mattel at all. The advert appeared over a decade ago and absolutely nothing happened and yet, for some inexplicable reason, it is rearing up again with everyone predictably outraged.

It'd be interesting to see what the ELOs would do if Mattel released a Barbie that wore a t-shirt that said "Kill Hippies" on it, or "Drop Real Bombs, Not Ethical Bath Bombs". Anyway, where were we? Oh yes! WE HATE IT BECAUSE WE WANT SOMETHING TO HATE/DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING/ETC.


  • Boris
    Hate for hates sake eh Mof? That's the spitit!
  • Avid R.
    I bet that doll in the picture doesn't have vibrating holes, like my deluxe version does.
  • Dick
    The internet should be banned. It's the only way to stop these liberals.
  • w0nkey h.
    Do they do a fox version ? With the vibrating holes and stuff.
  • james D.
    england ey, some of your readership lives in the rest of the UK you know
  • Phil E.
    As per usual, the truth lies somewhere in the middle. It's not true that "absolutely nothing happened" - Mattel did issue a cease & desist against this advertising campaign.However, there were other images in the campaign which featured an actual Barbie head on an altered body that were more likely to be the target.
  • Big B.
    OMG! This looks exactly like me! Or it could, with a few scribbles here and there.

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