Mary Portas parking reforms and market days are imminent

portasThe British High Street is struggling and, in a bid to remedy that, the government has decided to indulge in a multimillion-pound funding boost on the back of accepting ‘virtually all’ of the recommendations made by Mary Portas.

That's right. The government are listening to someone off the telly with helmet hair.

Housing Minister Grant Shapps has revealed a ‘Portas Plus’ plan, which builds on the recommendations Portas made in a review commissioned by suet faced David Cameron.

Included in this, is a £10million High Street Innovation Fund to return empty shops to use, money awarded to places that deliver the most creative and effective revitalisation projects and a National Markets Day to encourage entrepreneurs.

So, if you fancy running a market, there's a ‘Love Your Local Market’ event taking place on June 23rd, run by the National Association of British Market Authorities which will offer you aspiring entrepreneurs the offer of a ‘table for a tenner’. There'll also be a £500,000 fund for Business Improvement Districts which will be set up to help town centres access loans.

In addition to this, Portas advised that, to help the High Street, free parking should be more prevalent. The Government said it was accepting ‘the vast majority’ of the report’s recommendations and ‘intended to go further’ by offering extra funding and getting rid of some of the red tape.

That said, it didn't accept all the review's recommendations. It rejected that all out-of-town retail developments should be approved by ministers. Of course, out-of-town shopping centres are one of the big reasons that the High Street is struggling so much.

Sith Lord Shapps said: ‘Mary Portas's review made crystal clear the stark challenge our high streets face. With internet shopping and out-of-town centres here to stay, they must offer something new if they are to entice visitors back. Her report has provided the catalyst for change that many towns have been craving. I now want to see people coming together to form their own town teams and turning their creative ideas into reality to ensure their high streets thrive long into the future.'


  • Phil
    Right so its out of town killing the high street - How about no parking spaces left (even if its of the pay kind) on a Saturday? How about the lack of variety of shops in a town (all clothes, mobile phone and pound shops)? Also what about prices - When you factor in quidco and vouchers its easy to save 10%+ from the same shop highstreet vs online... There is no quick fix for the high street I'm afraid.
  • Mike H.
    Not sure whether I want to fuck or punch Portas, can't work the bitch out.
  • shoplifter
    Mike in answer to your question she is one for the ladies And is this oh the irony (window dressing for the high street...?) till the next review ....
  • A F.
    Fuck supermarkets, I agree 100% with this senile old bitch. To comprise with Mike's dilema, I suggest punching her in the face while fucking her, I heard she likes that. Also fuck supermarkets
  • Lucy
    Wow these comments blow my mind. Such wit and intelligence. Have copied to a txt file for future reference.
  • Phil
    Lucy you must be new here...
  • DiscountCrack
    Did somebody say there was a 'new girl' in town?
  • catweazle
    If the fucking government actually left us with some spending money and we didn't need to spend that on extortionate parking fees, we might've had some left to spend in shops.... Damn, I've blown all mine on panic buying petrol, beer, pasties and stamps. I would also go with the fuck n punch thing.
  • A F.
    I'm not gay, but I would completely cover my penis with a females ass vagina. Hate me with your mouth, and I will milky way your words to space
  • oliverreed
    Help the highstreet is a good idea, but how far will 10 million go across all the suffering high streets?
  • Mary P.
  • Alexis
    Tories slash council budgets. Councils massively increase parking charges and extend hours. Tories spend god knows how much to discover high parking charges and long hours kill town centre shopping.
  • Dick
    But if people go back to the high street, then out of town developments will die out, losing jobs in larger stores located there. People go where there are decent things to buy for a decent price. The high street is not such a place any more.
  • The M.
    How about the tories stop making workers unemployed, then stop giving rich cunts tax breaks, then force banks to loan or fuck off out the country, on top of this they can force all previously nationalised 'services' to have a top profit limit so they don't keep fucking us over and over in our almost raped out asses so they can have more money to not invest anywhere else. That might help all people and shops a lil.
  • Madeline G.
    High Streets are OK, it's just when they do some thing stupid like pedestrianise them, which only seems to allow all kinds of tin shakers and magazine sellers to jump on you like authroised muggers.

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