Marks & Spencers to offer new loyalty card

marks and spencer Marks & Spencer are looking at launching a loyalty scheme this year, potentially around Autumn, which will give consumers personalised offers and benefits, rather than points to spend.

Of course, people have cooled a little on convoluted deals and the like, instead, preferring to shop at Lidl and Aldi, where they dispense with all that nonsense in favour of selling things cheaply. There's definitely consumer malaise when it comes to deals that aren't straightforward.

However, M&S don't seem to be deterred by that, and seem to be going for the card-scheme, which will be called 'Sparks'. There'll be the usual trial with a small amount of customers, but if that goes well, it'll be rolled out across all stores.

Some of you will know that M&S already have a points-based loyalty scheme for those who have a M&S Bank credit or debt card, where you get a point for every pound spent.

That said, for all the loyalty malaise, one success story in the field is the MyWaitrose card, and seeing as Marks & Spencer sees itself as an upmarket grocer, they could well be vying with Waitrose.

If M&S go for a similar angle to their swank rivals, we could see gratis coffee and newspapers when money is spent in their stores.

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