Marks & Spencer holding stock back to try and appear exclusive

marks and spencer Marks & Spencer have 'fessed-up that they've been deliberately limiting the availability of some clothing from their new 'Leading Ladies' collection, so that people think they're exclusive items... when they're not.

Marc Bolland, chief executive, said: "Some garments, you do not want more than 3,000. You do not want 40,000 of the same coats walking around."  Presumably, they want to protect the brand and allude to a chic, must-have stylishness as if M&S is a chain of boutiques, rather than a huge multinational.

However, their huge marketing campaigns show that they're pretty desperate for people to start spending their wages in stores, and fast.

This is clearly going to frustrate shoppers, especially those that were looking to buy a pink coat from M&S, which has been gathering up decent reviews in fashion supplements. Bolland isn't having that though, adding: "I think we always try to service people well. The pink coat came back in different colours and it is still very popular. You want to give people a new experience after that. We said that we will certainly have a number of lines that will be a bit more selectively bought."

However, this will clearly contribute to M&S seeing their clothing sales falling, much to Primark's amusement who aren't at all bothered about exclusivity and the like, and seeing profits soar.


  • samuri
    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ......GOODBYE!
  • jim
    i only buy their prawn cocktail crisps oh and maybe some percy pigs
  • Inspector G.
    Holding back stock to increase demand is on page 1 of The Big Book of Marketing. M & S are by no means the only one to do this.
  • Gordon B.
    Except they're not holding back stock, they've limited production. I believe that's page 2 of The Big Book of Marketing.
  • Warwick H.
    Stopped buying there when they closed all their UK factories and started getting their stuff made for pennies in the Third World but still charged top whack, go to Primark & Matalan now.

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