Marks & Spencer and more to have huge sale tomorrow!

marks and spencer

Many retailers will be having a big ol' sale tomorrow in a bid to get profits bumping by Christmas. Marks & Spencer are apparently going to be having a huge one-day sale, cutting prices on all non-food items by 30%.

The rumour says that M&S will continue to offer up to 50% off selected beauty and Christmas gift items, but the company aren't for giving a comment on future promotional activity.

M&S won't be the only one. Gap are currently in a sale and French Connection is offering up to 50% off goods.

Debenhams and House of Fraser are expected to start slashing prices tomorrow too, with House of Fraser was offering up to 66% off selected lines on its website

As ever, Next won't be joining in the fun as they've got a longstanding policies of not going on sale before Christmas, so don't expect any bargains there. Saturday looks like it is going to be beyond carnage, so take some sedatives before hitting the high street.



  • GlitchGrinch
    I personally prefer the 50% 50% sales where M&S give you presents for free. I ordered £450 worth of granny gifts thanks to a glitch and paid zilch....
  • wonka
    @GlitchGrinch all that to get your granny moist - you sick bastard
  • barry f.
    Its gotta be moist before you attempt to stick it in, and she gets some gifts. What is wrong with that? You utter cunt!
  • shiftynifty
    Its all going pete tong for M&S
  • Kevin
    Looking at the 'quality' of some of their clothes I don't know if I'd bother even with these at a discount price.
  • Tatty M.
    @Barry Don't you have to dig her up, first?
  • Angry S.
    So, the huge ONE day sale was 'surprisingly' extended by another day, and they just happened to have all the posters and promo material ready to say so. Lying cunts.

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