Mango not playing fair with refunds

mango-shop Mango - the high street clothes flogger - is being a bit ropey when it comes to refunding customers. In fact, Which!!! have claimed that they're falling short of consumer law by "delaying refunds". It transpires that the retailer is giving incorrect information to customers about their rights when it comes to refunds when returning goods that have been purchased online.

Says Which!!!: "The Consumer Contracts Regulations state that a retailer must refund you within 14 days of an item bought online being returned, or from the proof of postage date. But this isn't what the retailer is telling consumers."

"On the Mango UK website, the refunds policy says: 'The refund period may vary between three and 12 working days from reception of your return at our warehouses.' Not only does 12 working days equate to 16 days, rather than the 14 stipulated in the Consumer Contracts Regulations, but Mango's system will only process a refund once the retailer has sent the returned goods from its Manchester depot to its Spanish depot."

"The retailer provides a pre-paid returns sticker for returned goods to its Manchester depot, but it doesn't consider goods returned until they're received in Spain."

In some instances, customers are waiting 5 weeks for refunds, and the staff at Mango aren't sure themselves about what's going on, and people have been venting about it online.

Clearly, Mango need to get themselves in order, and make sure that their refunds process is in tandem with the Consumer Contracts Regulations, which means processing refunds within 14 days of items being returned.

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  • tin
    Needs a decent quantity of people to initiate chargebacks on their credit/debit cards and their bank will soon pull them into line.

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