Manager assaults employee, and someone caught it on video

manager punch The working environment can often be fraught. People who are normally ambivalent to each other, get snippy and slag each other off at the coffee machine.

However, it is fair to say that no-one expects to be physically assaulted by a fellow employee - especially by their manager, who would assume has been promoted above the rest of the staff for their maturity and ability to handle pressure.

And so, to the manager of the Panera on Park Avenue and 23rd Street in Manhattan, who went about assaulting a member of his team, right before the eyes of a load of customers.

An anonymous person sent the clip to Gawker, along with a statement which said: "We walked in, in the middle of her quitting her job mid shift. She was yelling at a different manager than the one who hit her and was throwing some bags of chips on the ground, threatening to turn up in this b*tch, etc. Really nothing I haven’t seen before or wouldn’t expect from someone who has to work at a f***ing Panera all day."

"Then out of nowhere white shirt manager approaches her and immediately gets physical with her, keep in mind she’s about 5’2 at most and he was bigger than me… He legit threw her down a flight of stairs and out the front door for really no reason, she runs around to the other entrance to retaliate and that’s where the video starts. You might wanna say she hit him first, but really he had FULL CONTROL over her the entire time, was throwing her around, I think she gets one slap in that was louder than it was painful, then he half punches her once, she spins, and then he REALLY F***ING PUNCHES her. You can even hear me and my friend yell DON’T HIT HER just before it… I checked on her for a while after the cops left, she seemed ok, she kept saying he really got her in the ear mostly which I know stings like a b*tch. She was bleeding a little, and had cuts on her hands but she seemed ok after the adrenaline wore off."

A spokesperson from Panera confirmed the fight and said: "There were reports of a physical altercation between two associates at our Park Avenue South bakery-cafe."

Panera also confirmed that they are working with authorities to investigate the situation, and that "the associates who were determined to be involved no longer work for Panera."

Here's the video.


  • David
    She clearly hits him first, is it right to retaliate? .. no, but i don`t see why he has to put up with violence. If it were a man who hit him it would not been even newsworthy but we have a big rise in females getting violent in society & then wanting to be treated like females when it goes wrong & it suddenly dawns on them that men hit harder . You want equal rights then you get equal lefts if you put your hands on anyone. My philosophy is don`t hit anyone as you never know how they will comeback at you.
  • bob
    @David - It says in the article that "He legit threw her down a flight of stairs and out the front door for really no reason, she runs around to the other entrance to retaliate and that’s where the video starts" So rather that her hitting him first, HE threw her down a flight of stairs first.
  • David
    @ Bob , i know what it says but i can`t believe she is a total innocent in this & the fact she was allegedly throwing stuff about & abusing another manager suggests to me she is not a stranger to arguments & violence or being a complete nightmare to be around. Neither of them come out of this with any credit but i was commenting on what we have as factual visual evidence , she clearly hits the man .

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