Man writes to John Lewis about being closed on Boxing Day

A man has written to John Lewis, thanking them for closing on Boxing Day. Not a fan of the sales, eh?

While most shops are open on Boxing Day for the original Black Friday clear-out, John Lewis keep their tills switched off and their doors closed, which is nice for the staff who work there.

Jason Snelling decided to contact the department store, to tell them what he thought of it... and has gone viral in the process. Here's what he said.

jl fb letter

As you can see, his letter started with "just who do you think you are?", which sounds like your classic disgruntled customer, before going into a small rant about people buying stuff "they don't need." He added, cheekily: "Allowing your employees to spend time with their families at Christmas?! Ridiculous. Shameless."

You can see the letter here, which has over 59,000 shares and well over 350,000 likes. Warning though - there's a lot of brown nosing in the comments.


  • Biggy
    Well done John Lewis and thank you for such consideration.
  • squiffy
    Main thing is being able to enjoy Christmas Day without having to worry about getting up early..
  • Shopper
    Lidl were closed too on Boxing Day, surprisingly to me.
  • Elizabeth
    I have to say that I think this is wonderful, I hope other retail stores follow suit, there is precious little unity today and greed seems to replace quality family time. I am aware that we no longer exist as individuals and are now just dots on a computer but John Lewis you have given me a little hope in humanity. You get my vote any day well done!

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