Man wants Windows 7 Whopper, man gets Windows 7 Whopper

We hear you, but you weren't the only ones disappointed not to celebrate the launch of Windows 7 with the official Windows 7 Whopper from Burger King. Pesky Japanese, keeping their deliciously sculpted, flavourome taste sensation all to themselves.

No fear. This bearded champion of justice marched down to his local BK and handed over a picture of the multiple pattied beast - the manager promptly did the customer proud:

Sweet muscular Jesus, it's greasier than Nick Griffin. Our favourite line at 1' 35": "It's delicious. It's like eating an elephant." Microsoft must be so proud of well these two brand have knitted seemlessly together, ably assisted by tomatoes, onions, mayonnaise, gherkins, lettuce plus delicious fries and a refreshing soda.


  • Hmm...
    You can see the meat sweats appearing! :D
  • kev
    still got nothing on the Pizza Hut lunchtime buffet
  • Paul
    Do Want, but with bacon and cheese mmmmmm That BK crown woman at the end was rather substantial, he should eat her for desert.
  • Yakkity
    Should've asked for a Windows 2003 Server whopper... now THAT would be impressive
  • Gunn
    So this guy normally gorges on elephant burgers?
  • Simon
    I just can't believe he's eating that, AND he's got fries on the side...
  • wackojackouk
    Their fries are carp...... no wonder he left them
  • giggidy
    RE: Posted by wackojackouk | October 29th, 2009 at 3:51 pm Fish fries dont go well with Elephant. I would leave them too
  • Shadow
  • Horrorwood
    Someone order a windows 95 burger and let me know how it is please.

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